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Psionic System Psions Wild Talents Psionic Items
Psionic Alternatives Psion Package Deals Sample Psionic Powers  
This collection of documents provides all of the guidelines necessary to model a Psionic system loosely based on AD&D 2e Psionics.
  • PSIONIC SYSTEM: This document presents the core guidelines and concepts applicable to this system.
  • PSIONS: This document details different ways in which Characters can be made that interact with this system.
  • WILD TALENTS: This document details how to make a Character with one or more Psionic "Wild Talents".
  • PSIONIC ITEMS: This document details an optional means of making Psionic Items that are equivalent to Magic Items, if the GM so allows.
  • PSIONIC ALTERNATIVES: This document discusses other ways to reflect the concept of Psionics if a particular GM does not care for the system presented.
  • PSION PACKAGE DEALS: This document contains links to many different Profession Package Deals to help both GM's and players create Psion Characters.
  • SAMPLE PSIONIC POWERS: This document provides detailed HERO System Power constructs for use with the provided Psionics system.