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Killer Shrike's Arms & Armament Variant


Weapon Categories Weapon Traits Weapon List Weapon Chart
Weapon Chart
The following chart summarizes the most common Weapons by Category with the appropriate Traits and Flaws. To use a particular weapon, simply aggregate all the modifiers applicable to it. All of the below weapons are included on the Weapon Chart in their complete, verbose form. Also, examples of how to use this system follow the below chart.
Great Axe VERY HEAVY Slicing, Hacking, Sweeping, Sturdy
Executioners Axe VERY HEAVY Slicing, Hacking, Cleaving, Sturdy, Unwieldy
Butterfly Axe HEAVY Slashing, Hacking, Sweeping
Battle Axe HEAVY Slashing, Hacking, Hand-and-a-Half
Axe MEDIUM Slashing, Hacking
Hand Axe LIGHT Slashing, Hacking, Lobbed
Great Mace VERY HEAVY Crushing, Sturdy, Breaker
Maul HEAVY Bashing, Sturdy
Mace MEDIUM Bashing, Sturdy
Small Mace LIGHT Bashing, Sturdy
Great Hammer VERY HEAVY Crushing, Sturdy
Hammer HEAVY Bashing, Sturdy
War Hammer MEDIUM Bashing, Sturdy
Small Hammer LIGHT Bashing, Sturdy
Great Pick HEAVY Puncturing
Military Pick/
Pick Axe
MEDIUM Piercing/Slashing Hacking; Unwieldy
Pick LIGHT Piercing
Small Pick VERY LIGHT Piercing
Great Club VERY HEAVY Normal, Crushing, Sturdy; Unwieldy
War Club HEAVY Normal, Bashing
Club MEDIUM Normal, Bashing
Baton LIGHT Normal,  Rapid, Bashing
Stick VERY LIGHT Normal, Bashing
Great Sword VERY HEAVY Slicing, Breaker, Sweeping
Falchion HEAVY Slicing, Sweeping; Unwieldy
Bastard Sword VERY HEAVY Slashing, Hand-and-a-Half
Long/Broad  Sword HEAVY Slashing, Balanced
Sabre/Scimitar MEDIUM Slicing, Balanced
Sword MEDIUM Piercing, Slashing, Balanced
Reinforced Rapier MEDIUM Piercing, Disarming, Balanced
Rapier LIGHT Piercing, Fast, Stabbing
Short Sword LIGHT Slashing, Stabbing
Foil VERY LIGHT Puncturing, Rapid, Stabbing
Long Dagger LIGHT Piercing, Stabbing, Hurled
Main Gauche LIGHT Piercing, Disarming, Demolisher
Stiletto LIGHT Puncturing, Rapid, Stabbing
Dagger VERY LIGHT Piercing, Hurled
Dirk, Throwing Knives ULTRA LIGHT Piercing, Rapid, Hurled
Guisarme VERY HEAVY Hooked, Slashing; Overturning; Unwieldy
Lochaber Axe VERY HEAVY Hooked, Slashing, Hacking; Overturning; Unwieldy
Halberd VERY HEAVY Piercing/Slashing, Hacking; Overturning; Unwieldy
Scythe VERY HEAVY Slicing, Hacking, Sweeping, Hafted, Long, Clumsy
Two-bladed Sword HEAVY Piercing, Slashing, Sweeping, Hafted, Clumsy
Double Axe HEAVY Slashing, Hacking, Sweeping, Hafted, Clumsy
Sword Spear, Naginata HEAVY Piercing, Slashing/Bashing, Hafted; Unwieldy
Mantis Pick MEDIUM Puncturing, Sweeping, Hafted, Clumsy
Dire Flail MEDIUM Bashing, Piercing, Disarming, Flexible, Sweeping, Hafted, Clumsy
Pike VERY HEAVY Piercing, Overturning/Bashing Hafted; Unwieldy
Long Spear HEAVY Piercing, Overturning, Hurled/Bashing Hafted; Unwieldy
Trident HEAVY Piercing, Hurled, Disarming; Unwieldy
Spear MEDIUM Piercing, Hurled/Bashing Hafted
Short Spear LIGHT Puncturing, Hurled
Javelin VERY LIGHT Puncturing, Hurled; Breakable
Battle Flail VERY HEAVY Crushing, Cleaving, Flexible; Unwieldy
Battle Mourn HEAVY Bashing, Piercing, Flexible, Disarming
Large Flail HEAVY Crushing, Flexible; Unwieldy
Bladed Flail HEAVY Crushing, Puncturing, Flexible;
Flail MEDIUM Crushing, Flexible
Morningstar MEDIUM Bashing, Piercing, Disarming, Flexible
Heavy Lance ULTRA HEAVY Puncturing  Overturning; Clumsy, Breakable, Mounted
Lance VERY HEAVY Puncturing; Unwieldy, Breakable, Mounted
Light Lance HEAVY Puncturing; Unwieldy; Fragile, Mounted
Quarter Staff HEAVY Bashing, Disarming, Sturdy, Hafted
Lantern Staff HEAVY Crushing, Sturdy, Flaming, Hafted; Clumsy
Bo Staff MEDIUM Disarming, Sturdy, Rapid, Hafted
Reed Staff LIGHT Rapid, Flexible, Hafted; Breakable
Whip ULTRA LIGHT Neutralizing, Rapid, Extended, Pliable
War Chain MEDIUM Bashing, Neutralizing, Extended, Pliable
Chain LIGHT Bashing, Fast, Neutralizing, Long, Pliable
Light Chain VERY LIGHT Bashing, Rapid, Disarming, Long, Pliable
Garrote VERY LIGHT Normal, Rapid, Pliable, Choking, Two-Handed
Brass Knuckles VERY LIGHT Bashing, Rapid
Sap LIGHT Crushing, Bashing, Rapid
Heavy Long Bow VERY HEAVY Puncturing, Stabbing, Launcher (200"); Readied
Long Bow HEAVY Puncturing, Launcher (175"); Readied
Heavy Bow HEAVY Piercing, Launcher (150"); Readied
Heavy Recurve Bow HEAVY Piercing, Fast, Launcher (100")
Light Long Bow MEDIUM Piercing, Launcher (125"); Readied
Bow MEDIUM Piercing, Launcher (100")
Recurve Bow MEDIUM Piercing, Rapid, Launcher (75")
Light Bow LIGHT Piercing, Launcher (75")
Arbalest ULTRA HEAVY Puncturing, Launcher (200"); Prepared, Slow
Heavy Crossbow VERY HEAVY Puncturing, Fast, Launcher (150"); Prepared
Light Crossbow HEAVY Puncturing, Rapid, Launcher (100"); Readied
Hand Crossbow MEDIUM Piercing, Rapid, Launcher (50"); Readied; Unwieldy
Light Hand Crossbow LIGHT Piercing, Rapid, Launcher (25"); Readied, Clumsy
Staff Sling MEDIUM/LIGHT Disarming, Sturdy, Rapid, Hafted/Normal, Crushing, Launcher (60"); Unwieldy
Sling VERY LIGHT Normal, Crushing, Launcher (30")
Bola VERY LIGHT Normal, Tripping, Flexible, Lobbed
Slingshot ULTRA LIGHT Normal, Bashing, Rapid, Launcher (15"); Readied
Light Sling ULTRA LIGHT Normal, Crushing, Fast, Launcher (5")
Shotput MEDIUM Normal, Crushing, Hurled; Slow
Dart ULTRA LIGHT Piercing, Rapid, Dart
Throwing Stars ULTRA LIGHT Puncturing, Fast, Dart
Oil Flask LIGHT Normal, Hurled, Igniting, Unsound
EXAMPLE 1: A War Chain is a Medium Weapon, thus it has a STR Minima of 13, requires 1 hand to use for a normal sized character, does 1 1/2D6 Killing damage, and suffers a -4 penalty to Concealment rolls. It has the following traits: Bashing, Neutralizing, Extended, Pliable.
This indicates that the War Chain gains a +1 STUN Multiple, does +1 damage per die vs. Plate Armors (up to the total DEF of the armor), grants +2 OCV with Disarm maneuvers, grants a +2 OCV to oppose Block attempts, suffers a -1 OCV to hit on all maneuvers, has 2" of Stretching, suffers a net -0 to Concealment rolls, requires 2 hands to use (rather than 1 for being a Medium weapon), may be used to perform a Grab maneuver, and may be used to Swing up to 2" (if something is available to swing off of).
All in all a pretty useful weapon, but not terribly lethal for a two-handed weapon.
EXAMPLE 2: A Bastard Sword is an unusual weapon that may be used 2 handed to do greater damage, or 1 handed with some difficulty.
The Bastard Sword is Very Heavy, thus it  has a STR Minima of 23, requires 2 hands, does 3d6 Killing Damage, and suffers a -8 Penalty to concealment rolls. It is also listed as having the following traits: Slashing, Hand-and-a-Half. This indicates that the Bastard Sword does +2 DC vs. Opponents with no Resistant Defense or wearing Leather, Cloth, or Wood Armors,  -1pip of damage per die vs. Plate Armors and may be used 1 handed as a Heavy Weapon with a STR Minima of 18, for 2d6+1 Killing Damage, but at a -1 OCV on all Maneuvers. Also, the Weapon gains a net +1 Conceal for a final Conceal of -7.
EXAMPLE 3: A Great Club is a Very Heavy Normal damage Weapon, thus it has a STR Minima of 23, requires 2 hands to use for a normal sized character, does 9d6 Normal damage, and suffers a -8 penalty to Concealment rolls. It has the following traits: Crushing, Sturdy; Unwieldy. This indicates that the Great Club does +6 STUN with each hit, +2 damage per die vs. Plate Armors (up to the total DEF of the armor), suffers a net -3 OCV to Hit with all maneuvers, and has +3 DEF to resist being broken.
EXAMPLE 4: Perhaps the most common weapon, the Long Sword is a Heavy Weapon, thus it has a STR Minima of 18, requires 2 hands to use for a normal sized character, does 2d6+1 Killing damage, and has a -6 Conceal penalty. It has the Slashing and Balanced traits which indicates that the Long Sword does +2 DC vs. Opponents with no Resistant Defense or wearing Leather, Cloth, or Wood Armors; -1pip of damage per die vs. Plate Armors, grants +1 OCV to Block and Disarm maneuvers, and is usable one handed.
Generally well rounded and does impressive damage for a one handed weapon.