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Psionic Wild Talents


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Wild Talents have one or more natural Psionic Powers that are innate to them rather than a learned mastery of Psionics. Some Wild Talents do become Psions, learning how to extend their natural proclivity to achieve more effects, but many others take up other Professions.
Means to Power
Wild Talents have one or more innate Psionic Powers, which they were born with.
Wild Talents can take an Endurance Reserve for their Psionic Powers, and run their Powers off of this Reserve. However, unless a Wild Talent has several Powers it usually isn't cost effective to do so.
By default the Recovery of the Endurance Reserve is assumed to function normally, which is to say each Post Segment 12 Recovery. However to prevent Wild Talents from being able to use their Powers in a typical combat without exercising some discretion, the REC of the Endurance Reserve is limited to no more than 1/10th of the Reserve. Thus a Wild Talent with a reserve of 100 END could have no more than 10 REC on their Reserve. This means it will always take two minutes of inactivity to fully recharge a Wild Talent's Reserve.
Endurance Reserve (10 END, 1 REC)
Real Cost: 2 Character Points per increment
To make a Wild Talent Character, a player simply chooses or designs the Power(s) they want their Character to have, gets GM approval of them, and pays the Power(s) Real Cost from the points available to their Character.
The rules governing the design of Psionic Powers apply, but otherwise there are no further restrictions upon the design of such Powers.
However, a Character must start play with all of their Psionic Wild Talents paid for, and while they can improve their existing Psionic Powers (with GM permission) they may not gain new Psionic Wild Talents thereafter.
A Wild Talent can have an Elemental Control for their Psionic Powers, however if this option is exercised then all Psionic Powers bought via an Elemental Control require an Activation roll of 15- or worse. This restriction prevents abuses of the Wild Talent concept.
If a Wild Talent with an Elemental Control later learns one or more Psionic Power Skills and wants to become a full Psion, the points in the Elemental Control can be cannibalized and invested in a Psionic Power Multipower. The individual Powers in the Elemental Control would then be converted into slots in the Multipower. This is entirely elective; such a Wild Talent that became a Psion could keep their Wild Talents in their Elemental Control, and learn new abilities via their Psion Multipower Pool.