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Sample Psion: Ssarsa
Psions (SIGH-ons) are practitioners of Psionics (SIGH-ON-IX) and use their own internal energies and mental mastery over their own minds, bodies, and / or the world around them to will powerful effects into being
There are five Disciplines of Psionic Powers. They are Psychometabolism, Psychoportation, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, and Clairsentience. There is also a sixth category called Metapsionics containing Powers that require the combination of two or more of these five Disciplines.
The ability to use Powers of the various Disciplines is represented by separate Power Skills for each of the basic Disciplines, which is explained in more detail later. Some Psions are generalists, having the Power Skill for each Discipline, and learn Powers from each of the Disciplines without showing preference to any of them over the others.
However many Psions learn the majority of their Powers from a single Discipline, and some only know one Discipline. Such specialized Psions are often referred to by their chosen focus Discipline as indicated by the adjoining chart.
Discipline Specialty General Term Alternate Term
Psychometabolism Psychometabolicist Phenom
Psychoportation Psychoporter Farstepper
Telepathy Telepath Mentalist
Psychokinesis Psychokinetic Psiurge
Clairsentience Clairsentient Esper
EXAMPLE: Yoni is a Psionicist with a flair for Telepathic Powers. While he also has a few Psychoportation and Psychokinetic abilities, the bulk of his Powers are Telepathic in nature.  Other Psions might chose to refer to him as a Telepath or Mentalist, because that is his most noticeable ability.
Psions focus on developing their Powers and increasing their capacity to keep multiple Powers active simultaneously. The hallmark of a Psion is flexibility and adaptability, not raw power.
Psions start off capable and are almost infinitely customizable to suit individual player's tastes. However they tend to progress horizontally rather than vertically, which is to say Psions tend to gain more abilities of roughly the same potency rather than scaling up into more powerful abilities.
There are no restrictions on how many Powers a Psion can have other than how many they can afford with Character Points.
Means to Power
Psions have the ability to use various Psionic Powers, which they employ for a variety of purposes and endeavors.
It is typical for Psions to take a Endurance Reserve for their Psionic Powers, and run their Powers off of this Reserve.
By default the Recovery of the Endurance Reserve is assumed to function normally, which is to say each Post Segment 12 Recovery. However to prevent Psions from being able to use their Powers in a typical combat without exercising some discretion, the REC of the Endurance Reserve is limited to no more than 1/10th of the Reserve. Thus a Psion with a reserve of 100 END could have no more than 10 REC on their Reserve. This means it will always take two minutes of inactivity to fully recharge a Psion's Reserve.
Endurance Reserve (10 END, 1 REC)
Real Cost: 2 Character Points per increment
All Psions have a Multipower Pool for Psionic Powers. As described in the Psionic System document under Power Strata there are limits on the Active Points a Psion can have in their Psionic Powers,  but there are no limits on the size of a Psion's Multipower Reserve; generally a Psion will need to have a Multipower with a Reserve much larger than the Active Points of their slots so that they can run multiple slots simultaneously.
Psionic Multipower Pools must take a -1/4 Limitation "Must have a Required Discipline Skill Roll", and each Psionic Power in the Multipower must take the Required Skill Roll Limitation with the Discipline Power Skill appropriate to that Power. The various configuration options of RSR can be employed, but the total value of the RSR limitation of each Power must be at least -1/4.
All Psionic Powers taken in a Psion's Multipower Pool must be Ultra Slots.
Multipower, 1 point reserve (1 Active Points); all slots Require An Appropriate Psionic Skill Roll (Variable RSR; -1/4)
Real Cost: .8 Character Point per 1 point of Reserve
Many Psions that have a Psionic Strength Endurance Reserve also apply the "Power Can Draw END from Character or END Reserve (+1/4)" Advantage to their Multipower Reserve, which permits all Powers in the Multipower to use END from both the Endurance Reserve and their own personal END.
Multipower, 1 point reserve, all slots Power Can Draw END from Character or END Reserve (+1/4) (1.5 Active Points); all slots Require An Appropriate Psionic Skill Roll (Variable RSR; -1/4)
Real Cost: 1 Character Point per 1 point of Reserve
A Psion can represent full mastery of a particular Psionic Power by buying it outside of their Multipower, paying the full Real Cost of the ability. Such "mastered" abilities do not require the Required Skill Roll Limitation to use, though the lack of it will increase the Real Cost of the Power. This is useful for smaller Powers that a Psion wants to have constantly active, or Powers that must be absolutely reliable. However, such Powers can also represent one or more Wild Talents that a Psion was born with.
Learning and creating new Powers is relatively easy for Psions. New Powers can be chosen for a Psion from an existing list, such as those provided in the Sample Psionic Powers document, or that the GM has created, or created from scratch.
Newly created Powers must fit into a Discipline (or in the case of a Metapsionics Powers two or more Disciplines), must comply with all of the guidelines set forth for Psionic Powers Design, and must be approved by the GM. Other than those basic restrictions, an individual Psion can make whatever custom Power they want. Due to this flexibility, Psions tend to be extremely distinctive.
To gain a new Power a Psion first must have enough Character Points to pay for the Power they intend to learn or create. Assuming that is the case, then in game the Psion simply needs to meditate and focus (essentially thinking without significant disturbance or strenuous action) for five Minutes per Active Point in the Power they are attempting to learn.
At the end of this period the Psion needs to make a successful Skill Roll with the appropriate Discipline Skill for the Power they are learning (or in the case of a Metapsionics Power all of the Discipline Skills applicable to it) at a penalty of -1/10 Active Points in the Power.
This penalty may be reduced to -1/20 Active Points instead if twice as much time is spent in meditation.
If any required Discipline Skill rolls are failed the Psion failed to comprehend the Power correctly and may not learn it at that time, but may try again later if they increase the applicable Discipline Skill Rolls for that Power. If all required Discipline Skill rolls are made the Psion has successfully comprehended the Power and the ability is added to the Character (and must be paid for in Character Points).
If a Psion also has the Meditation Skill, they may use it as a Complementary Skill for their Discipline Skill Roll when learning and creating new Powers. The Meditation Skill Roll is made without penalty if the Psion is attempting to Meditate in a conducive environment. However if the Psion's environment is distracting or unsettled or otherwise not conducive to Meditation then appropriate penalties should be imposed by the GM.
Power Skill: Meditation (EGO)
Real Cost: 3 points
Psionic Powers are grouped into six Disciplines. Each Discipline concerns itself with distinct applications of Psionic Power; with a focus on the end result rather than the means and the Disciplines which a particular Psion is adept with will determine their capabilities, and what roles they can most ably fill within a group dynamic or when working solo.
Included for each Discipline is an associated ability that is pertinent or useful for Psions that are skilled in that Discipline. These associated abilities are intended to be purchased directly by a Psion outside of any Power Frameworks. These associated abilities are purely optional.
Psychometabolism is the Psionic pursuit of Mind over Body. By means of this Discipline a Psion develops incredible physical might, harnessing their natural capabilities to their maximum human limits, and with advanced techniques far exceeding them.
Psions that know many Psychometabolic Powers are the most physically powerful of all Psionicists, capable of astounding displays of athletic feats as well as more outr accomplishments such as secreting acid from their hands or changing into something else.
A Psion that wants to be able to have such abilities should purchase the following Power Skill.
Power Skill: Psychometabolism (CON)
Real Cost: 3 points
Many Psions that have achieved mastery of Psychometabolism have such minute control over their body that they repair damage at a phenomenal rate.
Fast Healing: Regenerate 1 BODY/Turn
Tough: +1 BODY
Real Cost: 9 points
Psychoportation is the Psionic pursuit of bending space and time, this Discipline allows Psionicists to stride the very Planes of Reality, step across the globe with a thought, and seem to be many places at once.
Psions that know many Psychoportation Powers are the most elusive and mobile of Psions, and are able to accomplish many seemingly impossible things via their ability to overcome the boundaries of location and distance, and to manipulate dimensional forces.
A Psion that wants to be able to have such abilities should purchase the following Power Skill.
Power Skill: Psychoportation (INT)
Real Cost: 3 points
Many Psions that have achieved mastery of Psychoportation tend to be clever, and often have an innate sense of three dimensional space which grants them excellent reflexes.
Lightning Reflexes: +2 DEX to act first with All Actions
Distance Sense: Absolute Range Sense
Orientation: Bump Of Direction
Real Cost: 9 points
Psychokinesis is the Psionic pursuit of Mind over Matter. This Discipline allows Psions to wreak terrible havoc and damage upon their environment, reconstruct items at the molecular level, cause items to burst into flames, and an endless variation of other effects.
Psions that know many Psychokinetic Powers are extremely dangerous and offensively capable individuals, able to enforce their will upon the world around them in frightening and effective ways.
A Psion that wants to be able to have such abilities should purchase the following Power Skill.
Power Skill: Psychokinesis (EGO)
Real Cost: 3 points
Many Psions that have achieved mastery of Psychokinesis tend to be extremely forceful in their mindset, used to getting their own way. Many become so good at wielding their will that they reflexively use their minds for even mundane tasks of manual effort.
Far Touch: Stretching 2", Does Not Cross Intervening Space (+1/4), Invisible Power Effects (Sight Group, Hearing Group; +3/4) (20 Active Points); No Stretching Damage (-1/2), Always Direct (-1/4), No Noncombat Stretching (-1/4), Limited Body Parts (Extra Limb Only -1/2), Concentration 1/2 DCV (-1/4) (Real Cost: 7)
Far Touch Manipulation: Extra Limbs, Invisible Power Effects (Sight Group, Hearing Group; +3/4) (9 Active Points); 1 Limb (-2), Linked to Stretching (-1/2) (Real Cost: 2)
Real Cost: 9 points [Costs 2 END per Phase]
The Psionic gift most feared by non-Psionics, this is the Discipline that allows a Psionicist to peel away a person's inner thoughts like layers from an onion, probing hidden secrets and memories like a book, inserting illusions directly into another's mind, and even bending the wills of others.
Psions that know many Telepathic Powers tend to be subtle, and as many of their arts take time to work best most develop patience, timing their actions for best effect. Dedicated Telepaths often have incredibly powerful wills, capable of absurd feats of willpower.
A Psion that wants to be able to have such abilities should purchase the following Power Skill.
Power Skill: Telepathy (EGO)
Real Cost: 3 points
Many Psions that have achieved mastery of Telepathy are able to find and establish contact with the minds of people far distant.
Scan: Mind Scan 6d6 (30 Active Points); Concentration 0 DCV, Must Concentrate throughout use of Constant Power (-1), Extra Time 1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only to Activate Constant or Persistent Power (-1/2), Character May Take No Other Actions (-1/4), Stops Working If Mentalist Is Stunned (-1/2)
Real Cost: 9 points [Costs 3 END per use]
The Psionic gift of extra sensory perception. Masters of this Discipline have little effect on the material world but often possess phenomenal awareness, with some practitioners even able to peer  into the future itself. Very little escapes the attention of a Clairsentient, and their shrewd perception has upset the schemes of many a foe.
Psions that know many Clairsentience Powers tend to be extremely alert, knowledgeable, and aware of a vast amount of information that can often be quite unsettling to opponents or those that seek to gain advantage over them. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.
A Psion that wants to be able to have such abilities should purchase the following Power Skill.
Power Skill: Clairsentience (INT)
Real Cost: 3 points
Many Psions that have achieved mastery of Clairsentience are so perceptive, alert, and aware of likely events that they are extremely difficult to hit squarely.
I Knew You Were Going To Do That: +4 with DCV (20 Active Points); Activation Roll 13-, Jammed (-1 1/4)
Real Cost: 9 points
The most difficult to comprehend Discipline, Metapsionics is a mlange of the other five Disciplines, with each Power combining elements of two or more Disciplines.
Metapsionics is an advanced art form, available only to Psions that have achieved mastery of two or more Disciplines. Thus as a Campaign Groundrule to learn a Metapsionic Power a Psionicists must have at least a 15- Roll for all of the Disciplines Skills required by that Psionic Power. A GM may at their discretion remove this restriction.
EXAMPLE: Athan is a skilled Psion who is particularly good at Psychometabolism. Athan wants to develop a Power that would allow him to absorb the energy from fires, lightning, magical forces, and the like, and then use the force absorbed to harden his skin to make it even more resistant to subsequent Energy.
Energy Sponge: Absorption 6d6 (energy, Energy Resilience ED) (30 Active Points); Requires A Psychokinesis Skill Roll (-1/2), Costs END (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) (uses END Reserve) (Real Cost: 17) plus
Energy Resilience: Armor (0 PD/15 ED) (23 Active Points); Linked (Energy Sponge; -1/2), Only up to Amount Absorbed (-1/2), Requires A Psychometabolic Skill Roll (-1/2), Costs END (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) (uses END Reserve) (Real Cost: 8)
Real Cost: 25 points
This Power would have elements of both Psychokinesis and Psychometabolism as it involves manipulation of both Energy and of the Psion's body and thus is a Metapsionic Power; Athan must have both Power Skill: Psychometabolic 15- and Power Skill: Psychokinesis 15- to learn and use it.