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Sample Stoburan: Harden Dresry
Stoburans (stow-BUR-rans) are practitioners of Stoburu, a very flexible, adaptable, and powerful sort of Arcane Magic that relies on personally enchanted items of power unique to each practitioner.
Stoburans invest Magical abilities into objects and then activate them at need.
Stoburans are excellent complements to most adventuring groups, adding an impressive array of functionality to a party's capabilities.
Compared to other professions Stoburans emphasize wisdom, learning, and craft work and simple but powerful Magics with a high degree of general usability.
A player can expect their Stoburan to start off respectably capable and progress smoothly. Stoburans tend to be feel more "superheroic", with diminished focus on mystical claptrap and a generally easy means of Power use.
Means to Power
Rather than learning to cast static Spells, Stoburans instead learn to craft powerful Wands, Rods, Staffs, or other objects, into which they invest all of their magical abilities. They are able to work terrible and mighty Magic in this fashion, but are woefully vulnerable to having their items taken or destroyed.
This is a very "superheroic" style of Magic Use. Unlike some "Item Based" Magic Systems where practitioners create independent Magic Items that are usable by others and can be taken away permanently, Stoburu items are just personal devices only usable by their creator; Personal Foci in HERO System terms. They are merely a conduit through which a Stoburans works Magic.
The primary capability of a Stoburan is a function of the number and potency of effects they are able to weild through their personal foci.
Each Stoburan buys one or more abilities to which they apply the Focus Limitation. The Focus can be either Inaccessible or Accessible but the Focus must be Personal (Universal is not allowed). A Stoburan item can take any practical form, but Wands and Staves are most common, followed by Rings, Amulets, Brooches, and similar adornments; even garments can serve in this fashion.
Some Stoburans have a single item, but many prefer to split their Powers across multiple items. There are pros and cons involved with either approach; with all the Stoburan's abilities locked into one item they are more vulnerable to being deprived of the item, but with their abilities spread across multiple items they can incur the inconvenience of switching between them in circumstances where each second might count.
Generally speaking, it is usually considered prudent to put defenses in one or two items, and offenses in one or two other items, however there are other competitive arrangements.
Stoburans must have an EGO based Power Skill called Stoburan Lore which they use when they create a new or replacement item, or improve an existing item.
To avoid untimely delays a Stoburan should have a respectable level with this skill. However its use is by default of only peripheral concern when enchanting items, and it is unnecessary to invest considerable points into it as the roll rarely takes penalties when used (see the Stoburu System document for direction on how and when this Skill is used).
STOBURAN LORE: Power Skill (EGO); Real Cost: 3/2
What constitutes Master status for a Stoburan will vary from campaign to campaign and setting to setting, but as a rule of thumb a Stoburan with a 16- Stoburan Lore Skill (or equivalent including Skill Levels), at least 200 Active Points in their item's effects (including the means of calculating Framework Active Points defined in the Stoburu System document), and at least 100 Real Cost worth of Stoburu items should be considered a Master. Higher mastery is simply a function of more effects and more powerful effects; this is not a subtle art.
Stoburans don't have to make their own items from scratch; its allowed for them to acquire finished base items or commission skilled craftsmen to create things to specification. However some Stoburans prefer to make their own items; such characters should simply take the appopriate Craft oriented Professional Skills. Applicable Crafting Skills can be used as Complementary Skills to the Stoburu Lore Skill Roll required to enchant Stoburu items if the Stoburan created the base item themselves. The GM might also see fit to grant other bonuses.
By default Stoburans are able to wear Armor and suffer no penalties to their Magic usage for doing so. However, they must still be Familiar with a particular type of Armor or else suffer non-familiarity penalties. However, some GM's may prefer to restrict this.
However since it is relatively easy for a Stoburan to enchant an item that affords them high levels of protection without the downsides of clumsy, heavy, expensive armor, they are often better off doing so.
Stoburans may use a Magic Endurance Reserve if they wish, though their Powers may also be bought 0 END or on Charges if they prefer.
By default an END Reserve of this sort Recovers in the normal fashion (REC per TURN), but some GM's might want to place Limitations on the REC to model various flavors of Magic, such as Once per Day, or requiring Extra Time, or an ambient recovery mechanism.
Alternately a GM might prefer to put a ceiling on how many character points can be spent on the Reserve and REC, based on the following formula:
Scaling Capacity Point Cap = Total Character Points / 25
This results in characters that are able to participate in all encounters, but have to conserve END within individual encounters which is generally preferable to having characters that expend all of their END in a single encounter and are then unable to participate in later encounters.
EXAMPLE: Mardok has 189 Character Points. If the GM were using the Scaling Capacity Variant to limit END Reserves, then Mardok could spend (189/25) = 8 character points on his END Reserve. This could be 70 END / 1 REC or 10 END / 7 REC or any combination in between with a total Real Cost of 8 or less points.
Many Stoburans take the Mage Sight Talent described in Fantasy HERO, or some equivalent ability (at normal cost). However this isn't required; it is simply a convenience.
Some Stoburans take the Life Support (Longevity) ability to represent extended life spans. This may not be appropriate in all settings; check with your GM prior to taking this ability.
Intrinsic Abilities
By default, all of a Stoburan's effects must reside in a Focus. However, a GM might opt to allow a Stoburan to buy off the Focus Limitation on some of their powers, thus making some of their abilities intrinsic. There are some pros and cons to allowing this, but if it is allowed at all it is recommended that the following formula be employed to limit it by imposing a cap on the total Real Cost of all such intrinsic abilities permitted to a Stoburan.
Intrinsic Ability Real Cost Cap = Total Character Points / 10
EXAMPLE: Mardok has 189 Character Points. If the Intrinsic Ability Real Cost Cap were in effect, then Mardok could spend (189/10) = 19 character points on Stoburu powers lacking the Focus limitation that he could use even if deprived of all of his items. All other restrictions on Stoburu apply to these intrinsic abilities.
Alternately, the GM could allow a Stoburan to buy some or all of their abilities with a tightly defined Variable Limitation instead of Focus, and require Focus to be one of the applicable Variable Limitations. Increased Endurance, Concentration, and possibly Side Effects are good candidates for being used in conjunction with this. However, note that if allowed this will alter the overall feel of the Magic System.
Variable Limitation Stoburu: Variable Limitations (requires -1/2 worth of Limitations from; Personal Focus, x2 END, Concentration, Side Effects; -1/4)
Alternately, the GM could implement a custom restriction that allowed a Stoburan to use their abilities even if they don't have their Foci, but at half strength and with great strain. This softens the vulnerability of having all of a character's abilities in foci, but still makes the foci very important. If it is allowed, then instead of Focus, the following Limitation is used:
Attenuated Stoburu: Requires -1/2 worth of Limitations from Personal Focus, Or Power May Only Be Used At 1/2 Active Points and at x4 END (-1/2)
Stoburu items are not like normal Magic Items as described in the Magic Items document; they are personal conduits for Magic use that are only usable by their creator.
However, if the GM allows it, Stoburans can also take various Item Creation Skills (listed below) and create the usual sort of Magic Items following the guidelines given in the Magic Items document under Artificing. This is in addition to their Stoburu abilities, and the two should not be confused. Allowing a Stoburan to also be an Artificer allows a such a character to create standard Magic Items for use by others, and broadens their capability and allows the expression of some character concepts, but really has nothing at all to do with their Stoburu abilities.
The following Artificing Skills would be appropriate for such usage; the Artificing documents contain much more detail and directions and should be referenceed.
Item Creation Skills
Artificing KS: Artificing Used to create Magic Rings, Staves, Weapons, Armor, and other miscellaneous types of Permanent Magic items.
Wandcrafting KS: Wandcraft Used to create Ephemeral Magic Items in the form of Wands or similar items that typically store a single Magical Power effect and have a finite amount of Magical energy stored in them (Non-Recoverable Charges) allowing them to use one specific Power effect a certain number of times.
Alchemy KS: Alchemy Used to create Ephemeral Magic Items in the form of potions, powders, special inks, and the like that have one or more Non-Recoverable Charges.
Ritual Abilities
By default, all of a Stoburan's effects must reside in a Focus. However, a GM might opt to allow Stoburans to also have the ability to do more freeform magic. One approach towards doing this while still maintaining the general feel of the Magic System is to allow a heavily limited VPP for casting magic in a Ritual fashion, requiring extra time, meditation, and so forth. If this is allowed, the following VPP construction is recommended; the Stoburu Lore Skill is used to change power in the VPP.
Stoburan Ritual Magic: Variable Power Pool (Magic); Limited Class Of Powers Available Arcane Magic (-1/2), VPP Powers Can Be Changed Only With Study And Meditation In A Controlled Environment (-1/2), Variable Limitations (requires -1 worth of Limitations; Extra Time, Concentration, Ritual, Window Of Opportunity, Incantations, Increased END Cost, Focus, Gestures; -1/2)