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by Killer Shrike

This document provides general guidelines for a metasystem of Magic called Artificer Magic.

Artificer Magic
General Magic Item Guidelines are here.
This document describes a general archetype of Magic that encompasses several distinct Magic Systems. You wouldn't create a "Artificer Magic User" as a playable character, rather you would create a Runecrafter, or an Alchemist, or one of the other concrete implementations of this type of Magic.
Artificer Magic Systems
This site describes several different sorts of Artificers; links are provided below.
  Runecrafting Alchemy
Glyphics Scribas
The basic idea behind a Artificer Magic System is that they accomplish Magic via creating Magic Items rather than casting Spells or using Magical Effects directly.
Some more conventional Magic Systems might allow the creation of Magic Items also, but the identifying characteristic of an Artificer is that their ability to make Magic Items is not tied to their ability to cast Spells or the equivalent thereof. For instance, the Wizardry Magic System allows Wizards to create Magic Items, but their ability to do so is limited alternately by the Spells they know and the size of their Wizardry VPP.
Means to Power
Artificers learn to create Magic Items, in a variety of different forms. As they progress the number of things they know how to make, their inventory of Magic Items, and their proficiency at creating Items can all expand.
Individual Artificer Magic Systems use different mechanics, described in depth in their own documents. However all them have some similarities; most notably all of them have a concept of "Known Items", which might be referred to in various ways such as "Known Runes" or "Known Recipes" or "Known Schematics", but which all simply indicate what Items an individual Artificer knows how to make.
The actual creation of Magic Items is accomplished via one or more Item Creation Skills, which are used to make Skill Rolls as indicated in the Magic Item Creation guidelines. Individual Artificer Magic Systems will indicate what Magic Item Creation Skill(s) they use and any variations on the general Magic Item Creation guidelines that apply to them.
The general restrictions affecting Magic Item Creation assumed to be in effect are described in the Magic Item Guidelines document. Individual Artificer Magic Systems will indicate any additional restrictions on their usage.
Magic School Skills
In addition to Item Creation Skills, individual Artificer Magic Systems might require some form of Magic School Skills or a similar concept.
Each specific Artificer Magic System will indicate what Magic School Skills it uses, if any.
Learning New Item Designs
An essential concept to all Artificer Magic Systems is the idea of learning how to make various Magic Items. Each Artificer Magic System will describe what processes are involved to track what Magic Items an individual Artificer can make.
Creating New Magic Item Designs
Artificer Magic Systems tend to be open and extendible. In most Artificer Magic Systems practitioners are able to create new Magic Item designs. Each Artificer Magic System will describe what processes are involved for a practitioner to do this.