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Adeptology System Adepts Adept Package Deals
Variant: Volomancy Variant: Thanomancy Variant: Urzadrek
The following links provide the information applicable to the Adeptology Magic System
  • SYSTEM: The core rules of this Magic System
  • CHARACTERS: Information specific to playing a Adept.
  • VARIANT: Volomancy: A baseline group of Adepts that pay more for their Magic Adept Talents, but suffer fewer restrictions than other Adepts on the use of their abilities.
  • VARIANT: Thanomancy: A group of Adepts that fuel their magic by stealing the life forces of others.
  • VARIANT: Urzadrek: A group of Divine Adepts that focus their magic through worship and belief in the power of their ancestors.
  • PACKAGE DEALS: A collection of Package Deals for Characters that use this Magic System