Hardav's Astral and Ethereal Detection
Bardic Divination Level 3
Wizardry Divination Level 3
Real Cost: 24 Active Points: 60
Provider: Shadowcat Source: New Content
The caster becomes mystically aware of the Astral and Ethereal Planes for up to a day (if not dispelled or nullified by Anti-Magic).
Detect A Large Class Of Things 17- (Unusual Group), Discriminatory, Analyze, Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), Perceive into a related group of dimensions (Astral / Ethreal), Range, Sense, Targeting, Transmit, 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Day (+0) (60 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only to Activate, -3/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4)
HERO System 5th Edition