Mass Laughing Fool
Sortilege Conversation Level 6
Real Cost: 18 Active Points: 105
Provider: Killer Shrike Source: New Content
Mind-Affecting, Language-Based, Compulsion
The Sortiligist tells a simple joke; whether its funny or not the affected opponents are racked with howls of laughter so severe as to render them helpless.
Entangle 2d6, 4 DEF, Personal Immunity (+1/4), Works Against EGO, Not STR (+1/4), Takes No Damage From Attacks Limited Group (+1/4), Area of Effect Radius: 8", Nonselective (+3/4), BOECV (Mental Defense applies; +1) (105 Active Points); 1 Charge (-2), Extra Time (Full Phase, Delayed Phase, -3/4), Incantations (Complex; -1/2), Mental Defense Adds To EGO (-1/2), Language Based (-1/4), Requires A Conversation vs Conversation Rolls (RSR Skill is subject to Skill vs. Skill contests, No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll; -1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4)
HERO System 5th Edition