Richter's Obscurement
Wizardry Illusion Level 5
Real Cost: 18 Active Points: 90
Provider: Killer Shrike Source: New Content
The Master Illusionist Richter was a formidable wizard with possibly unmatched mastery of Pattern magics.

This spell blinds practically everyone within a twisting 30 foot stream with a magical burst of eye-twisting patterns (mostly stripes and plaids).
Sight Group Flash 9d6, Area of Effect Any: 5" (+1) (90 Active Points); 1 Charge (-2), No Range (-1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to Activate, Delayed Phase, -1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), OIF (Prism, - 1/2)
HERO System 5th Edition