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High Fantasy HERO Content Conversion Documents
Statement of Purpose
Hail and well met! If you play or are interested in playing in a Fantasy Role-playing Game using the HERO System rules with a focus on High Fantasy, then this site is for you. Contained herein are many package deals, magic systems, and material to assist a GM in the pursuance of such a goal.
How to Use
This website provides an internally consistent body of material for playing High Fantasy using the HERO System intended as a ready-made body of work for GM's, saving themselves the hassle of defining the rules paradigm in effect for their campaigns, creating a lot of basic Package Deals, detailing Magic Systems, and the like.
This material can be used in a variety of ways ranging from a wholesale adoption, to a more selective browsing. The High Fantasy Content page collects links to various sections of HERO System centric material.
A GM might also want to convert an existing campaign or adapt content from another Fantasy RPG into the HERO System, and the System Conversion page collects links to Conversion Documents detailing suggestions on how to do this.
This diagram depicts the basic idea at play here.
What is High Fantasy?
High Fantasy, sometimes called heroic fantasy or quest fantasy, is a subgenre which is well suited to Role-playing games. High Fantasy's most notable defining characteristic is the commonality or volume of accessible magic available to the protagonists, called the Player Characters (PCs) in gaming parlance.
High Fantasy characters tend to be heroic, and much more powerful than any normal person could every hope to be. Even "mere" sword-swinging grunts are to be feared, with particularly experienced specimens capable of single-handedly killing fantastical beasts such as Dragons.
High Fantasy adventures frequently...
  • have an overall high level of "magic" and/or the supernatural
  • encompass complex and occasionally symbolic meanings, motivations, and outcomes
  • are usually presented in a serial fashion, with continuity and persisted events
  • involve a struggle between good and evil and/or order and chaos
  • have involved cosmologies, often populated by powerful entities
  • are populated with diverse and often powerful sentient races
  • explore cosmic and/or unearthly questions and values
  • include 1 or more  journeys, quests, or other notable and heroic undertakings
  • have a high degree of focus on the actions of the protagonists
  • have malefic and/or consciously misanthropic antagonists
  • are generally serious in mood

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