Troll Slayer
Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Dwarfs who have been disgraced, crossed in love, or otherwise humiliated abandon traditional society and seek the sweet release of death. They hunt the most dangerous of monsters in the hopes of finding a glorious end. Most of them die fairly quickly but those who survive become members of the strange cult of the Troll Slayers.
Troll Slayers exist only to die, and by doing so redeem whatever disgrace they suffered in the past. They seek the fiercest foes, and Trolls are considered ideal because the Dwarfs' deaths are almost a certainty. Troll Slayers are instantly recognizable, with their spiky orange hair, outlandish tattoss, and gaudy jewellry. They spend a great deal of time boasting of their exploits and show off their many scars, and often indulge in bouts of overeating, drunkeness, and sleep deprivation.
NOTE: Only Dwarfs may join this career. Think carefully before entering this career; it's an almost sure ticket for a bloody death.
Cost Ability
3 Consume Alcohol: +5 CON, Only to Resist Effects Of Alcohol, No Figured Characteristics
5 Dodge Blow: Either (+1 DCV) or (Martial Dodge and Reputation ("Hard to Hit", Small Group 11-))
3 Intimidate: +3 PRE
Select One
6 Disarm: Either (+3 with Disarm) or (Martial Disarm and +1 with Martial Disarm)
Quick Draw: Fast Draw +1 and Reputation ("Quick on the Draw", Small Group 11-)
6 Hardy: +3 BODY
Select One
6 Lightning Reflexes: Lightning Reflexes +4 DEX Only To Go First, All Actions
Very Resilient: +3 CON
6 Specialist Weapon Group (tTwo handed): WF tTwo handed Weapons and +1 OCV with tTwo handed Weapons and Reputation ("Master of tTwo handed Weapons", Small Group 11-)
6 Street Fighter: Either (+1 HtH) or (Defensive Strike), and Reputation ("Scrapper", Small Group 11-)
6 Strike Mighty Blow: Either (+15 STR, Only For Damage (-1 1/2), No Figured Characteristics (-1/2)) or (Offensive Strike and 1 Weapon Element of Choice)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Great Weapon
var Trapping: Light Armour
var Trapping: One Bottle of Poor Craftsmanship Spirits
var Career Entry: Pit Fighter
var Career Exit: Giant Slayer