Toll Keeper
Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Collecting money for the government is a thankless job. Doing so in the midst of the wilderness is practically a death sentence. Toll Keepers live in isolated roadside houses, collecting money from passing travelers.
The monies collected go towards the upkeep of the roads, but that doesnt stop travelers from berating, beating, and even killing Toll Keepers trying to do their jobs. If that werent bad enough, tollhouses are prome targets for bandits. A Toll Keeper's life is so fraught with peril and few do it for very long despite the high wages the position pays.
NOTE: Toll Keeper Weapon Group is: Crossbow, Sword, Staffs
Cost Ability
5 Dodge Blow: Either (+1 DCV) or (Martial Dodge and Reputation ("Hard to Hit", Small Group 11-))
3 Evaluate: Analyze: Trade Items
Select One
3 Gossip: Conversation
Haggle: Barter
3 Perception: +1 All PER
3 Read/Write: Literacy with up to 3 Languages
3 Search: Concealment +2, Only To Detect (-1 1/2)
Select One
3 Speak Language (Breton): Language Breton
Speak Language (Kislevian): Language Kislevian
Speak Language (Tilean): Language Tilean
Select One
6 Marksman: +1 Range Level and Reputation ("Good Shot", Small Group 11-)
6 Specialist Weapon Group (Toll Keeper): WF Toll Keeper Weapons and +1 OCV with Toll Keeper Weapons and Reputation ("Master of Toll Keeper Weapons", Small Group 11-)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
-5 Unpopular: Social Limitation: Unpopular (Occasionally 8-, Minor)
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Chest
var Trapping: Crossbow with 10 Bolts
var Trapping: Medium Armour
var Trapping: Shield
var Trapping: 10dc Gold Coins
var Career Entry: Bailiff
var Career Entry: Coachman
var Career Entry: Roadwarden
var Career Exit: Ferryman
var Career Exit: Fieldwarden
var Career Exit: Highwayman
var Career Exit: Outlaw
var Career Exit: Soldier
var Career Exit: Politician
var Career Exit: Thief