Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
In the criminal underworld strength and viciousness are highly prized vitues and no profession illustrates this point more clearly than the Thug. When protection money is owed, when Agitators threaten to expose corruption, or when rivals overstep themselves, the Thug is there. A few thwacks with a club is usually enough to send the right message, but harder cases get the full treatment.
It's wisest to flee in such circumstances, but the graveyards are full of those who thought quick wits would be enough to save them. Every Thieves Guild and criminal organizatin has Thugs in its ranks.
Cost Ability
3 Consume Alcohol: +5 CON, Only to Resist Effects Of Alcohol, No Figured Characteristics
5 Dodge Blow: Either (+1 DCV) or (Martial Dodge and Reputation ("Hard to Hit", Small Group 11-))
3 Gamble: Gambling
3 Secret Language (Thieves' Tongue): Language Thieves' Tongue
Select One
6 Coolheaded: +3 EGO
Lightning Reflexes: Lightning Reflexes +4 DEX Only To Go First, All Actions
6 Disarm: Either (+3 with Disarm) or (Martial Disarm and +1 with Martial Disarm)
Select One
6 Resistance to Poison: LS: Immunity to Poison, RSR: CON Roll (-3/4)
Quickdraw: Fast Draw +1 and Reputation ("Quick on the Draw", Small Group 11-)
Select One
6 Strike to Injure: Either (+3 HtH, Only to Convert To Damage (-1 1/2)) or (Killing Strike and +1 OCV with Killing Strike)
Wrestling: Either (+10 STR, Only To Grapple (-1), No Figured Characteristics (-1/2) and +1 OCV with Grab) or (Martial Escape and +1 OCV with Grab)
6 Strike to Stun: Either (+3 Penalty Skill Levels to Offset Striking with Side of Blade Penalties and +1 OCV when Striking with Side of Blade) or (Martial Strike and +1 OCV with Martial Strike)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Knuckle-dusters
var Trapping: Medium Armour
var Career Entry: Marine
var Career Entry: Protagonist