Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Protagonists are professional bullies. Their fighting skills are for hire and they will beat up just about anyone for the right price. Most leave outright murder to Assassins, but with some that can be negotiated. Often they hide the fact that they are hired, instead picking fights and causing trouble on a pretense of some sort.
Protagonists eventually get "made" and find themselves in hot water with the local Watch, so they tend to travel around a lot. But as an added plus when they are between "jobs" they can always take up mugging and extortion to make ends meet.
Cost Ability
5 Dodge Blow: Either (+1 DCV) or (Martial Dodge and Reputation ("Hard to Hit", Small Group 11-))
Select One
3 Gossip: Conversation
Haggle: Barter
3 Intimidate: +3 PRE
3 Ride: Riding
Select One
6 Disarm: Either (+3 with Disarm) or (Martial Disarm and +1 with Martial Disarm)
Quick Draw: Fast Draw +1 and Reputation ("Quick on the Draw", Small Group 11-)
Select One
6 Menacing: +10 PRE, Offensive Use Only (-1) and Reputation ("Scary", Small Group 11-)
Suave: +6 PRE
6 Street Fighting: Either (+1 HtH) or (Defensive Strike), and Reputation ("Scrapper", Small Group 11-)
6 Strike Mighty Blow: Either (+15 STR, Only For Damage (-1 1/2), No Figured Characteristics (-1/2)) or (Offensive Strike and 1 Weapon Element of Choice)
6 Strike to Injure: Either (+3 HtH, Only to Convert To Damage (-1 1/2)) or (Killing Strike and +1 OCV with Killing Strike)
6 Strike to Stun: Either (+3 Penalty Skill Levels to Offset Striking with Side of Blade Penalties and +1 OCV when Striking with Side of Blade) or (Martial Strike and +1 OCV with Martial Strike)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Medium Armor
var Trapping: Shield
var Trapping: Riding Horse with Saddle and Harness
var Career Entry: Bailiff
var Career Entry: Bodyguard
var Career Entry: Bounty Hunter
var Career Entry: Estalian Diestro
var Career Entry: Pit Fighter
var Career Exit: Duellist
var Career Exit: Pit Fighter
var Career Exit: Racketeer
var Career Exit: Thief
var Career Exit: Thug