Hedge Wizard
Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Hedge Wizards are magically talented people with no formal training. Using instinct, luck, and superstitious trappings, they can perform minor specialized spells. Though they may not always be aware of it, Hedge Wizards dally with danger every time they use their charms and cantrips. For this reason the Witch Hunters eagerly track and execute these unfortunate folk who all too often unconciously invite daemons and disaster into the world. Some Hedge Wizards take the sensible route and join the Orders of Magic, whilst others hide their shameful secret.
NOTE: Hedge Wizardry is dangerous and highly illegal in the Empire. If caught you could well be executed. Think carefully before entering this career.
RESTRICTION: Dwarfs and Halflings may not enter this career.
Cost Ability
Select One
3 Animal Care: Animal Handling
Haggle: Barter
Select One
3 Charm: Persuasion
Intimidate: +3 PRE
5 Channelling: Channelling Power Skill (EGO) + 1
Select One
3 Charm Animal: +10 PRE Only vs. Animals
Trade (Apothecary): PS: Apothecary
Select One
3 Heal: Paramedics
Hypnotism: PS: Hypnotist
3 Perception: +1 All PER
3 Search: Concealment +2, Only To Detect (-1 1/2)
1 Hedge Magic: Access to Hedge Magic Custom Talent
5 Petty Magic (Hedge): Access to Petty Magic Hedge Custom Talent
30 Magic User: Variable Power Pool 20 Pool; No Skill Roll Required to Change Powers (+1), 0 Phase Change (+1); Incantations (-1/4), RSR: Requires "Luck" Roll (Dice Total vs AP/3 Target Number;-3/4), SE: Suffer SE equal to -1/4 per Matching Die Of Luck Roll (-3/4), Must Have Appropriate Lore Talents (-1/4)
3 Winds of Magic: 1d6 "Magic" Luck; Partially Limited (Suffers -1 per 2 DEF of Armor Currently Worn, (- 1/2))
3 Channelling Boost: 1d6 "Magic" Luck; RSR: Channelling (- 1/2)
2 Component Boost: 1d6 "Magic" Luck; OIF Expendible Spell Component (- 3/4)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
-10 Feared and Disliked: Social Limitation: Magic User (Occasionally 8-, Major)
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Healing Draught
var Trapping: Hood
var Career Exit: Apprentice Wizard
var Career Exit: Charlatan
var Career Exit: Initiate
var Career Exit: Outlaw
var Career Exit: Vagabond