Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Fisherman seek the bounty of the sea. The many villages on Norldand's coastline are home to countless Fishermen. These hearty souls brave the Sea of Claws in small craft, despite the constant threat of pirates and raiders from Norsca. There are also some fishing communites inland by lakes and rivers, though these villages also pursue agriculture. Fisherman are an independent lot as a matter of course. They work in small crews, and when on the water every decision is their own. This spirited nature is one reason why dockside taverns are always unruly.
NOTE: During character creation, if you take AK: Wasteland, your character can be from the great port of Marienburg at your option.
Cost Ability
Select One
3 Common Knowledge (the Empire): AK: the Empire
Common Knowledge (the Wasteland): AK: the Wasteland
Select One
3 Consume Alcohol: +5 CON, Only to Resist Effects Of Alcohol, No Figured Characteristics
Haggle: Barter
Select One
3 Navigation: Navigation
Trade (Merchant): PS: Merchant
3 Outdoor Survival: Survival
3 Perception: +1 All PER
3 Row: TF: Rafts, Small Rowed Boats, Large Rowed Boats
3 Sail: TF: Small Military Boats, Small Wind-Powered Boats, Large Wind-Powered Boats
Select One
3 Speak Language (Reikspiel): Language Reikspiel
Speak Language (Norse): Language Norse
3 Swim: +3" Swimming
Select One
6 Hardy: +3 BODY
Savvy: +6 INT
Select One
6 Orientation: Bump of Direction and +1 All PER
Street Fighting: Either (+1 HtH) or (Defensive Strike), and Reputation ("Scrapper", Small Group 11-)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Fish Hook and Line
var Trapping: Speak
var Career Entry: Boatman
var Career Entry: Peasant
var Career Exit: Marine
var Career Exit: Merchant
var Career Exit: Militiaman
var Career Exit: Navigator
var Career Exit: Seaman