Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Rivers both large and small cut through the Empire. While a few are shallow enough to ford easily, most require transport to cross safely. Ferrymen make their living moving people and goods across the Empire's rivers, for a fee of course. They favour flat bottomed barges because they have a shallow draft and plenty of deckspace. Ferrymen in more remote areas also favour the blunderbuss. Bandits are a constant danger and the blunderbuss provides not-so-subtle encouragement to move along. Many Ferrymen are also extortionsts of the highest order, arbitrarily changing their prices based on the apparent wealth and desperateness of their passengers.
Cost Ability
3 Charm: Persuasion
3 Common Knowledge (the Empire): AK: the Empire
Select One
3 Evaluate: Analyze: Trade Items
Secret Language (Ranger Tongue): Language Ranger Tongue
Select One
3 Gossip: Conversation
Intimidate: +3 PRE
3 Haggle: Barter
3 Perception: +1 All PER
3 Row: TF: Rafts, Small Rowed Boats, Large Rowed Boats
3 Swim: +3" Swimming
Select One
6 Marksman: +1 Range Level and Reputation ("Good Shot", Small Group 11-)
Suave: +6 PRE
Select One
6 Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder): WF Gunpowder Weapons and +1 OCV with Gunpowder Weapons and Reputation ("Master of Gunpowder Weapons", Small Group 11-)
Street Fighting: Either (+1 HtH) or (Defensive Strike), and Reputation ("Scrapper", Small Group 11-)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
Select One
? Trapping: Crossbow with 10 Bolts
Trapping: Blunderbuss with 10 Shots
var Trapping: Light Armour (Leather Jack)
var Career Entry: Coachman
var Career Entry: Smuggler
var Career Entry: Toll Keeper
var Career Exit: Boatman
var Career Exit: Highwayman
var Career Exit: Roadwarden
var Career Exit: Seaman