Bounty Hunter
Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
Bounty Hunters live by tracking down wanted criminals, bandits, and fugitives and bringing them to justice. The lone Bounty Hunter can go places that ungainly military units cannot, which makes such men a useful adjunct to the watch and milita. Local rulers, guilds, and councils pay the bounties. They may find Bounty Hunters distasteful, but they are an effective counter to brigands, Goblin bands, and the like.
Bounty Hunters are professional killers who place little value on the sanctity of life. They are utterly ruthless, using their formidable skills to track and eliminate their quarries. The poor view them with fear, since more than one Peasant has been murdered and passed off as the real culprit. The authorities view them as a necessary evil, but never a welcome one.
Cost Ability
3 Follow Trail: Tracking
3 Intimidate: +3 PRE
3 Outdoor Survival: Survival
3 Perception: +1 All PER
3 Search: Concealment +2, Only To Detect (-1 1/2)
3 Shadowing: Shadow
3 Silent Move: Stealth
Select One
6 Marksman: +1 Range Level and Reputation ("Good Shot", Small Group 11-)
Strike to Stun: Either (+3 Penalty Skill Levels to Offset Striking with Side of Blade Penalties and +1 OCV when Striking with Side of Blade) or (Martial Strike and +1 OCV with Martial Strike)
6 Rover: +1 DEX and +3 INT
6 Specialist Weapon Group (Entangling): WF Entangling Weapons and +1 OCV with Entangling Weapons and Reputation ("Master of Entangling Weapons", Small Group 11-)
Select One
6 Sharpshooter: +5 Ranged Levels, Only When Bracing (-2), Only for OCV (-1)
Strike Mighty Blow: Either (+15 STR, Only For Damage (-1 1/2), No Figured Characteristics (-1/2)) or (Offensive Strike and 1 Weapon Element of Choice)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Crossbow with 10 bolts
var Trapping: Net
var Trapping: Light Armour (LeatherJerkin and Leather Skullcap)
var Trapping: Manacles
var Trapping: 10 Yards of Rope
var Career Entry: Bodyguard
var Career Entry: Fieldwarden
var Career Entry: Hunter
var Career Entry: Kislevite Kossar
var Career Entry: Mercenary
var Career Entry: Pit Fighter
var Career Exit: Mercenary
var Career Exit: Protagonist
var Career Exit: Scout
var Career Exit: Targeteer
var Career Exit: Vampire Hunter