Package Type: Basic
Package Source: WHFRPG2e
For the most part, the people of the Empire have little say in politics. The Emperor and the Elector Counts make and enforce the laws, with the support of the various Churches (Sigmar and Ulric most conspiculously). Nonetheless, ardent political activists are a common sight in the cities of the Empire. These Agitators organize on behalf of various causes, handing out leaflets, giving rousing speeches, and stirring up the populace. The lunatic fringe is simply ignored, but successful Agitators -- those who can tap into the wellspring of Peasant and Burgher resentment -- are usually viewed as a threat to the state. They are hounded by local watchmen, accused of heresy by Church officials, or forced to submit to the tender mercies of the Witch Hunters. Agitators continue on despite the risks. Some truly believe in their cause, but others are cyncial power seekers as corrupt as those they rail against.
Cost Ability
Select One
3 Academic Knowledge (History): KS: History
Gossip: Conversation
Select One
3 Academic Knowledge (Law): KS: Law
Common Knowledge (the Empire): AK: the Empire
3 Concealment: Concealment
3 Charm: Persuasion
3 Perception: +1 All PER
3 Read/Write: Literacy with up to 3 Languages
3 Speak Language (Breton or Tilean): Language Breton or Tilean
3 Speak Language (Reikspiel): Language Reikspiel
Select One
6 Coolheaded: +3 EGO
Street Fighting: Either (+1 HtH) or (Defensive Strike), and Reputation ("Scrapper", Small Group 11-)
6 Flee: +4" Running, Reduced END (0 END, +1/2), Only to Run Away (-1)
6 Public Speaking: Oratory + 1 and Reputation ("Excellent Speaker", Small Group 11-)
Total Cost Of Abilities
Value Disadvantage
0 None
Total Cost of Package
Cost Options and Miscellaneous Information
var Trapping: Light Armor (Leather Jack)
var Trapping: One Set of Good Craftmanship Clothes
var Trapping: 2d10 leaflets for various Causes
var Career Entry: Burgher
var Career Entry: Captain
var Career Entry: Herald
var Career Entry: Highwayman
var Career Entry: Scribe
var Career Entry: Servant
var Career Entry: Student
var Career Entry: Zealot
var Career Exit: Charlatan
var Career Exit: Demagogue
var Career Exit: Outlaw
var Career Exit: Politician
var Career Exit: Rogue
var Career Exit: Zealot