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Conversion Resource
FROM: D&D 3e
TO: HERO System 5th Edition
NOTE: This material is applicable to D&D 3 and 3.5, as well as Pathfinder 1e and other 3rd party variants.
  • CONVERT EXISTING CHARACTERS: The most direct use of this document is to convert existing Characters from D&D 3e into the HERO System. An Eight Step procedure is detailed below on how to do this.
  • CREATE NEW CHARACTERS: To create new characters use the general Character Creation Guidelines provided in the High Fantasy HERO section of this web site instead of this Conversion Document. However all of the guidelines given in the Conversion Steps could also be used in the creation of a new Character. The Package Deals, and Magic Systems described herein are equally usable by a converted Character or a newly created Character.
  • FROM DM TO GM: A collection of links for documents discussing a broad variety of subjects of interest to GM's preparing to convert their D&D 3e game into the HERO System.
  • EIGHT CONVERSION STEPS: A series of eight pages steps you through the process of converting a D&D 3e Character into the HERO System. Everything you need to determine how many points to use for your Character's Level, how to convert Characteristics, Race Packages, Profession Packages, Followers, Gear, Property, and more is provided.
    • RACE PACKAGES: Separate Package Deals are provided for each of the common D&D 3e Races.
    • CLASS CONVERSION DOCUMENTS: Of particular interest, each D&D Class has a separate document detailing various ways to model Class Features into the HERO System.