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STEP 3: Select Race Package Deal

D&D 3e to HERO System Conversion Steps

Step 1: Available Points Step 2: Characteristics Step 3: Character Race Step 4: Character
Step 5: Gear, Followers,
Step 6: Disadvantages Step 7: Finishing
Step 8: Character
This conversion resource assumes that each character must have one (and only one) Race Package Deal, which contains any race-specific benefits that all members of a certain Race enjoy.
In general each identifiable Race, including half-breeds and Humans, should have a separate Race Package. Thus a Half-Elf would not take both a Human and an Elf Package Deal, but rather takes the Half-Elf Package Deal which comprises elements from both, for instance.
Packages are provided below for the basic D&D 3e Races. If your character was a member of an non-standard Race that is not provided for below, ask your GM to provide you with an appropriate Race Package.
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Benefits of a Race Package Deal
This conversion resource uses a non-standard approach that offers various incentives and benefits for using Race Package Deals.
Race Package Deals are treated as a closed purchase at the listed Total Cost. The Disadvantages within the Package are not counted against a Character's Maximum Disadvantage Total, they are subtracted directly from the cost of the Package Deal. This is covered in more detail in the Race Package Deals section.
EXAMPLE: A Race Package Deal with 30 points of abilities and 25 points of Disadvantages costs a Character 5 Character Points rather than 30, and the 25 points of Disadvantages do not count as part of the Character's Maximum of 75 points.
NOTE: This is a specific variation from the HERO System rules. If your GM is uncomfortable with this exception he will let you know how to handle the discrepancy.
Normal Characteristic Maxima is included in each Race Package and yields 20 points to the Package. However Characteristic modifiers bought in the Race Package Deal are bought as Powers and thus do not count against Normal Characteristic Maxima.
Many Race Packages grant Characteristics and also impose Characteristic penalties. In all cases these modifiers, both bonuses and penalties, are added or subtracted to a Character's Characteristics after Normal Characteristics Maxima is determined.
EXAMPLE: The Hairfoot Halflings Race Package Deal grants a +1 Speed, +2 DEX and imposes -5 STR, -2 BODY, -2 INT, -5 PRE.
If a Hairfoot Halfling character purchased +10 DEX and +10 STR outside of their Package they would not encounter Characteristic Maxima as they have neither DEX or STR above 20 outside of their Race Package.
Then the Race Characteristic modifiers are applied, resulting in an adjusted DEX of 22 and an adjusted STR of 15.  
If a player wanted their Halfling Character to have a final adjusted STR of 20 after the Race Penalty is applied, they must buy the base STR up to 25 (paying the doubling penalty for 21 to 25 strength). After the -5 STR adjustment from the Hairfoot Halfling Race Package Deal is applied the Halfling has an adjusted STR of 20.
NOTE: This is a specific variation from the HERO System rules. If your GM is uncomfortable with this exception he will let you know how to handle the discrepancy.
Make sure before adding a Race Package Deal that the character's Race modifiers to statistics from D&D 3e were not included in their HERO System Characteristics or else the character will get a bigger than intended affect on their Characteristics.
EXAMPLE: Continuing the example from Step 2, Pasha  the Elf Wizard is a High Elf; thus the High Elf Race Package is applied to Pasha at a Total Cost of 15 points.
The High Elves get -2 STR, -2 CON, -2 BODY, +3 DEX, +1 SPEED, +2 INT, and +4 COM as part of their Package.
Modified by the High Elf Race Package, Pasha has STR: 10 DEX: 20 CON: 11 BODY: 8 INT: 18 EGO: 9 PRE: 11, COM 22, PD: 2 ED: 2 SPD: 4.1 REC: 4 END: 22 STUN: 19.
Between his statistics and his Race Package, Pasha has spent 56 of his 125 possible Character Points.
Some of the Race Package Deals have Option lists of skills or talents or similar that are not necessarily common to all members of that Race, but are associated with the Race frequently enough for there to be a correlation.
A player may extend their Character's Race Package with selections from the Options list if one is provided for their Race; each ability may only be taken once unless marked with an asterix (*).
EXAMPLE: As a High Elf, Pasha the Elf Wizard may take any of the Elf Options as part of their Race Package Deal. The player considers taking Elven Cool: +10 PRE; Defensive Use Only (5 Real Cost). As this option is marked with an asterix in the Elf Options table, Pasha could even buy it at a higher level of effect, such as +20 PRE; Defensive Use Only (10 Real Cost) or +30 PRE; Defensive Use Only (15 Real Cost).
Race Option lists often also include one or more optional Disadvantages which may be taken in a Race Package Deal. As Disadvantages taken in a Race Package Deal using this model reduce the total cost of the Race Package (but not lower than 0 total cost), taking one or more optional abilities and one or more optional Disadvantages to offset their cost offers an economical way to dial in some of the stereotypical nuances of various Races which are depicted occasionally or in an inconsistent manner across different editions and fictional works, or which seem more cultural than racial in nature but nonetheless are so closely entangled with a Character's racial identity as to be effectively intrinsic.
Pasha the Elf Wizard may also take one or more of the Disadvantages on the Elf Options list as part of their Race Package Deal. The player considers taking Psychological Limitation: Arrogant & Haughty (Common, Moderate); -10 points. If applied by itself, it would reduce the cost of Pasha's Race Package to 5 points; or it could be taken along with Elven Cool +20 PRE; Defensive Use Only (10 Real Cost) or Elven Anti-Concealment: Detect Concealed Doors & Passages, Discriminatory Sense (10 Real Cost) for a net cost of +/- 0. And so on, in any combination.
Similar to Option lists, some Race Packages offer a selection of abilities that are interchangeable, and specify that a player should pick one or more items from the list when making their character. Lists of this nature offer customization opportunities.
Along the same lines are abilities that specify an ability that is by its nature assignable, such as a CSL vs a particular type of enemy. Finally, some Race Package Deals include a placeholder line item that requires some number of points be spent on a specific type of ability or skill, most commonly Profession and Knowledge Skills but also things like Weapon Familiarities or Languages. For instance a Race Package might include the following ability:
Industrious: Select five (5) points worth of Professional Skills
In which case the player could take one Profession Skill with a large bonus, or two or more Profession Skills, so long as the total cost adds up to 5 points.
Restrictions on Race Package Deals
Several restrictions exist to prevent abuse of Race Package Deals:
  • A given Character can have only one Race Package Deal.
  • A Race Package cannot be modified except as indicated by an associated Options list.
  • No Race Package may cost less than 0 total points.
When you are finished applying your Character's Race Package, note the point cost and move on to Step 4.