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Race Conversions
FROM: D&D 3e
TO: HERO System 5th Edition
The following links are to Race Packages that model various D&D 3e Races in HERO System mechanics.
    • Human (3e): This Package models D&D 3e Humans fairly closely.
      • Human (Trained): This Package is ideal for Humans that come from a more urban or civilized upbringing that favored social, professional, and / or vocational development.
      • Human (Physical): This Package is ideal for Humans that come from a more rural or physical upbringing that favored athletic development over learning trade or social skills.
    • Hill Dwarf: The more gregarious and outgoing sort of Dwarf found in highlands and hilly regions.
    • Mountain Dwarf: The more gruff, retiring sort of Dwarf found living deep under the mountains far from surface civilization.
    • High Elf: Typically the most commonly encountered Elves in most campaigns. They are the most likely to form friendships with members of the shorter-lived species, and the most likely to involve themselves in external events.
    • Wood Elf: Typically more durable and rugged than their cousin races. Less cerebral and more adventurous, Wood Elves tend to be less in touch with Magic than their cousin races, favoring more martial pursuits such as hunting and bow craft.
      • Snow Elf: A very rare offshoot of Wood Elves who live in extremely remote mountain ranges at very high elevations. More durable and rugged than their cousin races, Snow Elves are fairly barbaric by comparison their kin and are often mistrusted and even shunned by their cousin races. Few Snow Elves practice Magic, but many among them are renowned as fearsome Giant killers. Many High and Grey Elves consider the Snow Elves to be a fallen sub-race of Elvenkind.
    • Grey Elf: Typically a much rarer and more erudite branch of Elvenkind. Grey Elves are usually wizards, and particularly excel at Divinatory Magic. Frailer and smaller than their cousin races, they make up for their physical limitations with a great gift for Magic.
    • Drow Elf: A branch of Elvenkind that lives underground. In most settings Drow Elves are dominated by a matriarchal society and typically worship the goddess known as Lolth, the Spider Queen. Drow are renowned for their cruelty and are widely perceived as an "evil" race. GM's permission is usually allowed to play a Drow.
    • Rock Gnome: The most common type of gnome by far in most settings, Rock gnomes typically live in rocky hills and outcroppings close to the surface and in pockets rich in gems further down. Many of them have some capacity to work simple Illusions Magic innately.
    • Hairfoot Halfling: The most common type of Halfling by far in most settings, Hairfeet are essentially Hobbits in all particulars. They are small, often like to eat a lot, and ill-suited to lives of adventure. The one area where they particularly excel is stealth.
    • Tallfellow Halfling: A variety of Halflings that seems more similar to Elvenkind than to Humankind, Tallfellows may not exist in all settings. They are typically similar to Hairfeet, but taller and more refined in appearance. They are also apparently longer lived than Hairfeet, and are a little more adroit, but also less hardy. They may not exist in all settings.
    • Stout Halfling: A variety of Halfling that seems to be more closely related to Dwarves, Stouts combine many of the advantages of Dwarves and Halflings and make an excellent Player Character race. Stouts tend to act like a cross between Dwarves and Halflings might be expected to act, basically prosaic stay at home types, but also durable and stalwart on the defense and often skilled underground. However, they may not exist in all settings.
    • Half-Elf: With roughly equal amounts of Human and Elven heritage, the Half-Elf combines many of the strengths of both races into a generally advantaged combination.
    • Elven-Blooded: Similar to a Half-Elf, but with more Human blood than Elven, an Elven-Blooded character is basically an advantaged Human.
    • Half-Orc: Half Orcs are often, but not always, rape-get from a Human woman and a Orcish raider. Half Orcs typically favor one parentage over the other, but generally benefit from the brutish strength and durability of their Orcish heritage. Their life spans are typically short compared to those of normal Humans, but are still longer than that of most Orcs.
    • Half-Ogre: Similar to Half-Orcs, Half Ogres are usually rape-get from a Human woman and an Ogre raider. They typically favor one parentage over the other, but generally benefit from the brutish strength and durability of their Ogrish heritage. Their life spans are typically very long compared to those of normal humans.
    • Half-Gith: Crossbreeds of Human and one of the offshoots of the planar-traveling Gith race. They are usually thinner and taller than average humans, with a definite tint of yellowish tone in their skin, small, sometimes almost nonexistent noses, high cheekbones, wide thin lips with very little rouging, and occasionally with spotted or mottled skin around the joints and the edges of the face. Their hair is stiff and brushy compared to a full blooded human, and generally only grows on their head. They may not exist in all settings and even if they do GM's permission is usually allowed to play one.
    • Orc: Brutish green-skinned humanoids standing larger and burlier than most Humans on average, often sporting tusk like canines, thick matted hair, prodigious body odor, and bulging muscles. Their lifespan are typically short compared to those of Humans, even when death occurs via natural causes rather than violence.
    • Kobold: A scaly reptilian race, typically some shade of rusty black or reddish brown with some individuals ranging into orange or vermillion coloring. They have a snouted triangular head, small horns, crouched knees with elevated heels and ankles, a short non-prehensile tail, and red faintly glowing eyes. They are of a small stature, but dexterous and quick.