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FROM: D&D 3rd Edition
TO: HERO System 5th Edition
Sorcerers were a new addition to D&D 3e, introducing a concept revolving around a more flexible approach to Spellcasting.
The primary distinguishing characteristic for Sorcerers is that unlike Wizards they do not approach magic as an intellectual pursuit, with scholarly discipline, a need to "learn" Spells from musty tomes and plodding rote study. Rather they have a gift for magic and their "Spells" are more along the lines of innate powers that they will into effect.
 Mechanically they do not have to prepare their Spells in advance like a Wizard, essentially guessing at what they will need in a given day. Instead a Sorcerer can cast any Spell they know at any given time, but only so many of each Spell Level per day. This approach is referred to as "Spontaneous" Spellcasting, contrasted against the "Prepared" Spellcasting of Wizards.
However, on the down side Sorcerers conversely know potentially far fewer spells than a Wizard, gain access to new Spell Levels slower than Wizards, and in general lack the ability of Wizards to customize their Spell selection to exactly what is appropriate to a given undertaking. In broad terms, Sorcerers have a tactical advantage in that they are more flexible in chaotic and unplanned situations, while Wizards have a strategic advantage in that they are more flexible in structured and planned situations.
Sorcerer Class Ability Considerations
The Sorcery Magic System is detailed here.
Wizardry Spells may be modified to work as Sorcery Spells
The ability to cast Spells is a Sorcerer's primary Class Ability, and basically raison d'etre. This is handled using the guidelines provided in the Sorcery Magic System document, which is a very detailed and fairly direct conversion treatment of the Spontaneous style of D&D 3e Magic in HERO System mechanics. 
Sorcerers can create their own Spells. The rules for creating new Spells are also covered in the Sorcery Magic System guidelines.
Sorcerers can create new Magic Items. The rules for doing so are also covered in the Sorcery Magic System document.
Sorcerers can, if they wish, have a Familiar that serves as an ally, pet, companion, and a source of mild Magical abilities all in one. Familiars are of many different types, both naturally occurring animals and more unusual specimens, and typically have some extraordinary attribute or feature.
Familiars are best modeled in the HERO System by designing each Animal Companion as a separate Character (typically using a Bestiary entry as a starting point), and then take that Animal Companion as a Follower using the Follower Perk.
Familiars: Follower Perk
Real Cost: Varies
Familiarite Package Deal
The Familiarite Extension Package is ideally suited to converting a character with a Familiar.
Extention Package Deals
Some characters have a mystical bond to an animal familiar.
Cost Ability
25 Familiar (Animal Follower)
10 Synergistic abilities gained via Familiar
35 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
-15 Physical Limitation: STUN Feedback with Familiar (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)


Total Cost of Package
Sorcerer Package Deals
The Sorcery Magic System is detailed here.
Sample Spells may be found here.
Presented below are an assortment of Basic Packages, Extension Packages, and Composite Packages for your use.
Savant Self Defense Combat Casting Guildmember
Loremastery Scroll Scribing Wand Crafting Artificer
Linguist Alchemist Familiarite Command Skills
Sorcerer (3e) Militant Familiarite Unionizer
Bard Adventuring Sorcerer