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Conversion Document
FROM: AD&D 2nd Edition
TO: HERO System 5th Edition
The rules for the default Psionic System may be found here.
AD&D Psionicists change the physical world by sheer will, extending the capabilities of their on minds and bodies, bending space, manipulating thoughts, and even altering the very molecular structure of things around them. Psionicists learn to harness the power of their minds into pure Psionic Powers.
Psionicists go through various levels of understanding and capability as they advance. As they gain experience their ability to enforce their will increases, as does the mental endurance required to focus that will. Essentially, as they progress they become able to use many more Psionic Powers.
Psionicists make their way by sublime mastery of their inner enlightenment and their ability to exceed the boundaries that trammel "normal" people. Psionicists usually focus on increasing their mastery before all else.
Psions are the unquestioned masters of pure Mental might in the AD&D paradigm. They possess a unique capability that no other Class can match. Examples of Psions in Fantasy Fiction range from the Deryni, Vlad Taltos, and of course the various Dark Sun novels.
In the HERO System, a Psion would be well advised to put almost all of his points into increasing their Psionic Multipower Pool to use ever greater numbers of Psionic Powers simultaneously, and to keep their Psionic Discipline Skill rolls similarly developed.
Sample Psion Package Deals
A number of Psion Package Deals can be found here.
AD&D 2nd Edition Psion Conversion
Consult the Psion column of the AD&D 2nd Edition Class Level to Character Points Chart to determine how many Character Points your Character has available to them in the HERO System. Either use one of the Psion Package Deals provided above or create your own. The Generic Psion Package is ideally suited to modeling an AD&D Style Psionicist.
The ability to manifest Psionic Powers is a Psion's primary Class Ability, and raison d'etre. This is handled using the guidelines provided in the Psionics System.
Unlike Psions who pursue a generalist approach to Psionic mastery, Specialists opt to concentrate their efforts in select Disciplines, eschewing others in the process. This is handled very simply by that character not buying the appropriate Psionic Discipline Skills. Otherwise, they are identical to Psions. The Cognoscente Basic Package included in the Psion Package Deal document is ideally suited to building Specialist Psions.