Half Orc (D&D 5e)
Race Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Living in a human society is tough for those with Orc blood. Perceived as having tainted blood in many cases they have to take measures to prove themselves (being hyper pious or tough and brash) or avoid notice altogether through unobtrusiveness, stealth or making themselves invaluable at some desired skill.
Cost Ability
2 +2 STR
1 +1 CON
3 Perk: Menacing (everyone, 14-)
5 Nightvision
2 1d6 Simplified Healing, Standard Effect (1 Body, 3 Stun), Trigger: When Body or Stun reaches 0, reset after long rest (+1/4), No concious Control (-2), 1 Charge (-2)
12 Deadly Blow: +1d6 HKA, Only when you roll a 3 on attack roll
4 Language: Common Tongue, Fluent w/accent, Literate
 29 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
10 Distinctive Features: Grey toned skin, jutting jaw, oversized canines  (Concealable, Noticed)
5 Physical Complication: Mark of Gruumsh (Infrequently, Barely)
 14 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
2 Survival (Urban or as appropriate for home place)
4 +2 OCV CSL with favored weapon
5 +5 PRE
Cost Optional Complications
10 Negative Reputation: Thuggish Brute (Frequent)
10 Psychological Complication: Wants to fit in (Common, Moderate)
25 Enraged in Combat (Very Common) 11- go, 11- recover