Warlock (D&D 5e)
Profession Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Warlocks seek the knowledge that others dare not. Hidden or forbidden tomes and practices hold special allure for these seekers. They bind themselves to patrons for access to even more knowledge and power. These patrons, whether fey, fiend, or not from the realms mortals ken to, grant other powers to them in addition to spells. Given that others oppose their goals they are also often familiar with martial combat.
Cost Ability
3 +3 PRE
3 +3 CON
1 AF: Light Armor
2 Choose at least 2 points of WF (ex: Blades, Staff, Crossbow)
6 Choose at least 6 points from: Bribery, Charm, Conversation, Interrogation, Streetwise, KS: Arcana, KS: Religion
10 Spellcraft: 7+PRE/3
10 Cantrips Multipower: 15 Point Reserve, Variable Limitations: Requires -1 worth of Limitations (-1/2)
2 Up to 2 known cantrips
10 Warlock Multipower: 30-point reserve; 2 Charges (-1 1/2), Variable Limitations: Requires -1 worth of Limitations (-1/2)
2 Up to 2 known spells
9-21 Invocations (Choose two with either no prerequisites or those that you satisfy):
58-70 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
0 None
58-70 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
2 KS: Ancient Sites, KS: Lost Peoples, KS: Powerful Entities, KS: Sources of Power, etc
varies Spirit Contact (in addition to Patron)
5 +1 DCV or +1 OCV
4 +2 OCV CSL with Favorite weapon
5 Eidetic Memory
Cost Optional Complications
10 Negative Reputation: follower of Patron (Infreq, Extreme)
10 Distinctive Features: Fey, Demon or Otherworldly Marked (Not Conc, Major Reaction, Unusual Senses)
20 Hunted: Patron's Enemies (More Pow, NCI, Infreq, Kill)
15 Psych Lim: Driven to search for new knowledge (Com, Strong)
15 Rivalry: Other servants of your Patron (Prof, More Pow, Kill)
Notes on Warlock Magic
Warlock Multipower
Warlocks do not gain spells by seeking out spell books, but through a Pact with a supernatural Patron. In the HERO System, spells gained in this way are represented on a character sheet by a specal Warlock Multipower with up to eight (8) charges on the reserve itself, indicating that the Warlock Multipower may only be used to cast that many spells per day regardless of how many slots are in the Multipower.
The number of Charges a given Warlock character may have on their Warlock Multipower is equal to their (Spellcraft roll / 2), up to a maximum of eight (8). Thus a Warlock with Spellcraft: 12- could have up to six (6) Charges on their Warlock Multipower, while a Warlock with Spellcraft: 17- could have up to eight (8) Charges on their Warlock Multipower.
As a Warlock character progresses, if they have less than eight (8) Charges on their Warlock Multipower they may increase the number of Charges up to their limit, but may not exceed their limit.
Additionally, as a Warlock character progresses the points contained in their Warlock Multipower pool can increased, allowing a Warlock to cast more powerful spells (in terms of Active Points). There is no Active Point cap on a Warlock's Multipower pool.
Cantrips and Invocations are not considered to be Warlock spells in this context, and have no relevance to the eight (8) charge limit on a Warlock Multipower.
A Warlock may periodically choose to swap out one of the spell slots in their Warlock Multipower for a new, different spell slot. This is left to the GM's discretion but should be limited in such a way to prevent a Warlock from doing this at a whim or even per day or per session.
The default assumption is that a Warlock character may choose to do this once every 15 experience points (XP) gained.
An alternative might be every three (3) to five (5) sessions depending upon in game time passing, or incorporated into roleplaying in the form of a narrative cost, as a story reward for pleasing the Warlock's Patron in some way such as a deed or sacrifice.
Warlock Invocations
In addition to the spells provided to a Warlock by their Patron, they can also be gifted by their Patron with Granted Abilities, called Invocations.
A Warlock may start play with some Invocations taken at character creation (as indicated in the Warlock Profession Template). After gameplay starts a Warlock character may choose to use experience points (XP) to acquire additional Invocations, but this is subject to GM discretion. It is recommended that a GM allow opportunities for this on a progression to maintain the concept and intended balancing of Invocations.
The default assumption is that a Warlock character would be able to acquire new Invocations after earning progressively higher experience points, first after gaining 15 XP, and then again at 45 XP, 90 XP, 120 XP, 165 XP, 210 XP, and finally 260 XP.
An alternate way to gate the progression of new Invocations might be to limit progression based upon the total Real Cost spent on Invocations, or upon the total Active Points of all of a Warlock's Invocations, rather than upon the actual number of Invocations. To place a stricter progression, both a Real Cost and an Active Point restriction might be in effect. A couple of examples of Real Cost and Active Point based Invocation progression are provided below.
Real Cost Invocation Restriction: no more than 20% of a Warlock's Total Character Points may be spent on Invocations.
Active Point Invocation Restriction: the total Active Points contained in a Warlock's Invocations may not exceed (PRE + EGO + CON + BODY).
Similarly to switching spell slots in a Warlock Multipower, the gaining of Invocations might be incorprated into the narrative and offered as a story reward for pleasing the Warlock's Patron in some way such as a deed or sacrifice.