Rogue (D&D 5e)
Profession Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Dealing in subterfuge and exploiting their foes weaknesses are the arts of the Rogue. Whether a spy, footpad or acquirer of artifacts these crafty adventurers are often sought out by others for their particular skills.
Cost Ability
3 +3 INT
3+3 PRE
6 +3 DEX
5 +1 OCV
1 AF: Light Armor
3 Choose at least 3 points of WF (ex: Blades, Bows)
12 Choose at least 12 points from: Acting, AK: Cities, Acrobatics, Bribery, Breakfall, Charm, Climbing, Concealment, Contortionist, Eavesdropping, Forgery, Lip Reading, Lockpicking, Mimicry, Persuasion, Security Systems (Traps), Sleight of Hand, Shadowing, Stealth, Streetwise
11 Sneak Attack: Deadly Blow, +3 Damage Classes, only works with blows struck from behind or against Surprised targets, only with Finesse or Ranged (-1/2)
6 Expertise: +2 Skill levels with any 3 skills from above (ex: Acrobatics, Breakfall, Contortionist or Bribery, Forgery, Streetwise or Lockpicking, Sleight of Hand, Traps)
3 Thieves Cant, Fluent Conversation, Literate
53 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
0 None
53 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
10 Spellcraft (for eventual Arcane Trickster, etc)
3 Additional skills not selected above
4 +2 OCV with favorite weapon or with sneak attack
4 Supreme Balance: Environmental Movement: No penalties on narrow surfaces
4 Clutter Ace: Environmental Movement: No penalties in cramped or cluttered quarters
Cost Optional Complications
20 Hunted by City Watch (More Pow, NCI, Punish, Freq)
10 Watched: Local Thieves Guild (More Pow, NCI, Infreq)
15 Psych Lim: Uncomfortable outside cities (Com, Strong)