Paladin (D&D 5e)
Profession Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Holy warriors oath bound to hunt evil, these warrios combine martial and divine powers to great effect. Often training for years to gain their abilities, Paladins are formidable foes to those who work evil in the world.
Cost Ability
3 +3 STR
3 +3 PRE
3 +3 EGO
3 AF: All Armor
1 AF: Shield
4 Choose at least 4 points of WF (ex: Axes, Javelins, Polearms, Blades)
6 Choose at least 6 points from: Acrobatics, Breakfall, Paramedic, Persuasion, Riding, Tactics, KS: Military History, KS: Religion or the like, Additional WF
10 Spellcraft: 7+EGO/3
25 Paladin Spells VPP: 20 Point Pool (Max RC), 30 Point Control (Max AP), Divine or Domain Magic only (-1/2), Change with meditation and Faith Roll (-1/2), Only while in good standing with diety (-1/4), All spells must have 1 Charge (-1/4), Variable Limitations: Requires -1 worth of Limitations (-1/2)
7 Divine Sense: Detect Evil and Good, Ranged, Partially Penetrative, 360 Degree Perception, +2 PER (22 Active Points); 4 Charge (-1), Extra Time: Full Phase, Delayed Phase (-3/4), Limited Range: 20m (-1/4)
3 Lay on Hands: 1d6 Simplified Healing, 6 Boostable Charges (-1/2), Extra Time: Full Phase, Delayed Phase, (-3/4), Concentration 0 DCV (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4)
68 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
0 None
68 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
10 Divine Favor
4 Force Back
9 Whirlwind Attack
3 Additional skills not selected above
2 +1 OCV with favorite weapon
Cost Optional Complications
10 Distinctive Features: Paladin of Good (Not Conc, Major Reaction, Unusual Senses)
20 Psych Lim: Must Hunt Evil (Common, Total)
20 Psych Lim: Honorable - always keeps word, never takes advantage of a situation (Common, Total)