Cleric (D&D 5e)
Profession Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Serving as the voice (and sometimes hand) of their dieties, Clerics are imbued with divine powers and spells. Prepared to fight their enemies on any field, they are often solid combatants in addition to their spells.
Cost Ability
3 +3 EGO
3 +3 PRE
2 KS: Your religion
1 AF: Light Armor
1 AF: Medium Armor
1 AF: Shield
2 Choose at least 2 points of WF (ex: Mace, Crossbows)
6 Choose at least 6 points from: Conversation, Paramedic, Persuasion,  KS: Any history, divine studies, etc.
10 Faith: 7+EGO/3
35 VPP: 30 Point Pool (Max AP), 30 Point Control (Max RC), Divine or Domain Magic only (-1/2), Change with meditation and Faith Roll (-1/2), Only while in good standing with diety (-1/4), All spells over 15 AP must have 1 Charge (-1/4), Variable Limitations: Requires -1 worth of Limitations (-1/2)
13 Domain: Pick one below (Costs are shown for breakdown only, all cost 13 points)
8 Languages: Any 2, Fluent w/accent, Literate
4 Any 2 KS relating to Arcana, History, Nature or Religion
1 +1 with any one KS
1 AF: Heavy Armor
12 2d6 Simplified Healing, Standard Effect (2 Body, 6 Stun), 0 End (+1/2), Linked to VPP healing spells (-3/4),  Variable Limitations: Requires -1 worth of Limitations (-1/2), Only while in good standing with diety (-1/4)
0 Bonus Cantrip: Light
13 3d6 Sight Flash, 0 End (+1/2), Trigger: See incoming attack and decide to use (+1/2), 4 Charges (-1), Limited Range: 10m (-1/4)
1 AF: Heavy Armor
5 Choose up to 5 points in: Animal Handling, Survival or KS: Nature (INT Based)
7 6 Resistant ED, 2 Resistant Power Defense, 2 Resistant Sight Flash Defense, Only versus Cold, Fire or Electrical attacks (-1)
0 Learn one Druid Cantrip
1 AF: Heavy Armor
1 WF: Pick any 1 (ex: Blades, Flails)
11 1d6+1 RKA: Electrical, 0 End (+1/2), Trigger: Struck in Melee and decide to use (+1/4), 4 Charges (-1), No Range (-1/2), No KB (-1/4), Contested Skill Roll: Faith vs Dex for 1/2 Damage (-1/2)
3 Choose one of: Disguise, Forgery, Lock Picking, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
3 Stealth: +2 to roll, UBO (+1/4), Others Only (-1/2), Time Limit: 1 Hour (-3/4). If target has stealth, just grant +2 to existing ability.
6 Deadly Blow, +3 Damage Class, only works with blows struck from behind or against Surprised targets, only with Finesse or Ranged (-1/2), 4 Charges (-1)
1 WF: One Finesse or one Ranged Weapon (Ex: Blades, Bows)
8 2d6 HKA: Additional Strike with current weapon on same target, Uses current weapon STR MIN and damage (-1/2), Requires separate attack roll (-1/2), 4 Charges (-1), Linked: Melee attack (-1/2)
1 AF: Heavy Armor
4 WF: Pick any 4 (ex: Axe, Bows, Polearm, Thrown Axe)
77 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
0 None
77 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
3 Scholar
3 Linguist
4 Speed Reader
1 Perk: Right to Marry
2 +1 OCV with favorite spell or weapon
Cost Optional Complications
15 Hunted: Opposing Diety Followers (More Pow, Infreq)
15 Psych Lim: Protective of Dietites followers (Com, Strong)
10 Vulnerability: 2x Stun from Necromantic spells or 2x Stun from Spells of opposed diety (Uncommon)
Notes on Clerics
Clerics receive their spells from their diety. To change spells they must meditate for an hour plus 1 minute per spell level changed in the pool. So to change out three 1st levels spells and one second level would take 65 minutes of meditation. Common limitations for Divine spells include OIF (Holy Symbol), Extra Time, Concentration, Incantation, Gesture, Limited Range, or RSR: Magic Skill vs. Spell Resistance