Bard (D&D 5e)
Profession Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Blending music, song and bravado with magic to create a unique adventuring class. Tending to travel solo also teaches them not to rely too heavily on magic, so they are handy with weapons as well.
Cost Ability
6 +3 DEX
3 +3 PRE
2 PS: Singer or PS: Musician
1 AF: Light Armor
2 Choose at least 2 points of WF (ex: Blades, Crossbows)
9 Choose at least 9 points from: Any Skill (ex: Mimicry, Disguise, Charm, Oratory, Persuasion, Ventriloquism), +3 PRE
10 Spellcraft: 7+PRE/3
10 Cantrip Multipower: 15 Point Reserve, Variable Limitations (requires -1 worth of Limitations; -1/2)
2 Up to 2 known cantrips
15 Level 1 Spell Multipower: MP: 30-point reserve; 6 Charges (-3/4), Variable Limitations (requires -1 worth of Limitations; -1/2), Spontaneous Casting Discount (-1/2)
2 Up to 2 known spells
8 Bardic Inspiration: +1 Overall Level, UBO at 20m (+1/2), Trigger: One action of targets choice (+1/4), 6 Charges (-3/4), No stacking (-1/4), Only for others (-1/2), Incatations (-1/4)
70 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
0 None
70 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
3 Perfect Pitch
3 Absolute Time Sense
3 Lightsleep
2 Eidetic Memory (Only Music, Only Verse, etc (-1)
5 Positive Reputation: Great Performer
Cost Optional Complications
10 Hunted: Jealous Spouse or Spurned Innkeeper (As Pow, NCI, Limt Geo, Infreq, Punish)
5 Rivalry: Outdo Other Bards (Prof, More Pow, Unaware)
15 Psych Lim: Vain (Com, Strong)