Pirate (D&D 5e)
Background Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
You've sailed the high seas in search of merchant vessels to board and pillage. Whether an indepent crew, merchant who moonlight as marauders or privateers sanctioned by one nation against another you have earned your sea legs. The unsavory reputation that creates is sometimes hard to get rid of.
Cost Ability
3 Climbing
2 Navigation: Marine
2 KS: Boarding
1 TF: Wind Powered Boats
2 Environmental Movement: Ships
2 PS: Pirate
3 Unsavory Passage: Fringe: You can generally find free passage on a seedy vessel for yourself and companions, providing you will work on the trip.
15 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
0 None
15 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
1 WF: Unusual shipboard weapons (boat hook, belaying pin, grappling hook, ropes) or Ship to Ship Weapons (Ballista, Trebuchet)
2 Extra swimming
2 KS: Monsters of the deep, Charts, Merchant Houses, Laws of the Sea, Survival: Deserted islands, Fishing, Rigging
2-3 RPSL for sight or +1 to Sight PER
Possible Complications
5 Social Comp: ex-Pirate
5 Hunted: Ex-captain (As Pow, Lim Geo, Infreq)
10 Phys Lim: Missing one eye - Lacks depth perception (½ OCV with all Ranged Attacks), no peripheral vision on one side (Freq, Great)
10 Watched: Authorities (More Pow, NCI, Infreq)
15 Psych Lim: Greedy  (Com, Strong)
varies Psych Lims: Slacker, Lush, Foul Language, Tells tall tales, etc.