Outlander (D&D 5e)
Background Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
You have seen the world as few city folk every will, untamed, majestic and powerful. Either you are from a background that encourages this (nomad, marauder, hunter-gatherer) or you chose this life for reasons of your own. Whatever the reason, it is in your blood now.
Cost Ability
3 Pick one of: Concealment, Mimicry, Riding, Stealth, Tracking, Trading
2 Survival: One Category
3 1x Language: Conversational, Literate
2 Pick one of: PS (Forester, Trapper, Guide, Bounty Hunter), KS (Homesteading, Pillaging, Pilgrimage, Wild Plants, Nomadic Life) or similar
6Wanderer: AK: Home region (ex: Sword Coast) and +2 points Survival (spend as you choose) and KS: Natures Bounty
16 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
0 None
16 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
2 KS or PS not chosen above
2Animal Handling: Horses or Camels or Bovines
2Additional points in Survival
1++1m or more of Running
3Security Systems (Natural Traps and Snares)
Possible Complications
5Negative Reputation: Uncouth Barbarian
10Psych Lim: Loner (Com, Mod)
10Psych Lim: Unfamiliar with city culture (Com, Mod)
15Psych Lim: Terse (Com, Strong)