Guild Merchant (D&D 5e)
Background Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
You and your ilk thrive on the excitement of the deal and seeking out new markets and new goods for your current markets. There is always something new over the horizon and you might be the first to bring it back to your customers.
Cost Ability
Guild Membership
1 Fringe Benefit: Member of XXX Guild
6 Contact: Merchants Guild (membership may entail dues or other obligations, but when you are in good standing your Guild is a bounty of information, contacts, and resources for purchase)
6 Merchant Skills: Choose two items from the list below:
  • Appraisal
  • Bribery
  • Mercantile Society
  • Guild Society
  • Perceptive: +1 all Perception
  • Persuasion
  • Streetwise
  • Trading
6 Specialties: Choose three items from the list below:
  • +1 with a chosen Merchant Skill
  • PS: Merchant
  • PS: Caravanner
  • TF: Horse, TF: Cart and Carriage
  • TF: Merchant Vessels
  • CK: Significant Trading Hub
  • AK: Caravan Routes
  • Environmental Movement: one category
19 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
0 None
19 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
2 Additional KS: relating to trade, Navigation: Land for Land Merchant or Caravan Foreman, Navigation: Water for Sea Merchant, Animal Handler for Land Merchant or Caravan Foreman, Languages (mostly not written, but can be)
1 WF: Ship Ballista or Ship Trebuchet
2 KS: Repelling boarders, PS: Ship Captain, KS: Bandits, KS: Theft Deterents, Resist: Trading
3 Riding
3 Conversation
3 Traveler
3 Tactics
Possible Complications
5 Negative Reputation: Brutal Negotiator
10 Rivalry: Competing Merchant (More Pow, Out do)
15 Psych Lim: driven to succeed (Com, Strong)
15 Psych Lim: Uncomfortable on Dry Land (Com, Strong)