Folk Hero (D&D 5e)
Background Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
You are one of the common people, but with the not so common ability to stand up for yourself and others in disadvantaged situations. This makes you many friends and sometimes powerful enemies.
Cost Ability
2 Amimal Handling: Pick one of Bovine, Equine, Porcine
2 Survival: Pick one Category
1 Positive Reputation: Folk Hero of home region
2 Resistance
1 TF: Horses
1 TF: Carts and Carriages
2 Pick on Profession Skill from: Carpenter, Cook, Cobbler, Farmer, Leatherworker, Mason, Painter, Potter, Shepherd, Smith, Weaver or other commoner profession
2 Rustic Hospitality: Fringe: Free room among commoners, who recognize you as one of their own
13 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
0 None
13 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
2 Animal Handling: One not chosen above
3 Tactics
5-10 Luck 1-2d6
2+ KS: Any related to PS's, TF's or home region
1+ Power Defense or some sort of magical resistance (resistant def only for magic, damage negation or damage reduction)
Possible Complications
10 Hunted: Enemy Noble (As Pow, NCI, Limt Geo, InFreq, Kill)
15 Enraged: Common people harmed (Com, 8-, 11-)
15 Psych Lim: Protective of the common people (Com, Strong)