Afflicted (D&D 5e)
Background Template for Hero System 6e
by eepjr24
Sometime early in your life you were afflicted by a highly visible condition that sets you apart from others. This condition is chronic and uncurable without master level or higher magic or highly advanced medical care. As a result you are generally suspected or feared by your fellow man and often the target of specualtion, rumor, supersition, bullying or other difficulties.
Cost Ability
6 "Is that the best you can do": +6 PRE
3 "I tried medicine": Paramedic (INT based)
3 "I tried foreign cures": Pick 1 languages at Fluent Conversation, Literate
3 "Leave me alone": Pick one of: Acting, Animal Handler(2 classes), Bribery, Coversation, Intimidation, Persuasion
2 KS: Obscure diseases, curses, disfifurments and modifications 11-
2 Fringe Benefit: Pity (people tend to go easy on you and make your life easier if they can)
19 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Required Complications
15+ One Disease, Deformity, Dysfunction, Disfigurement, Distortion, or Modification (see below for examples)
-4 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
3 1/2 Endurance cost on 6m of Running
3 Pick one skill not chosen above
3 Disguise (INT based)
3 Mimicry (INT Based)
3 +3 PD
Possible Complications
15 Diseased - Socail Complication: Leprosy (Freq, Major) Shunned, may be chased out of small towns
15 Deformed - Distinctive Features: Elephantism (Conceal, Major Reaction)
15 Dysfunction - Psycholocigal Complication: Amnesia (Common, Strong) 
15 Disfigurment - Distinctive Features: Burns over half of body (Conceal, Major Reaction)
15 Distortion - Susceptibility to Healing: Cursed by [Powerful Entity] (Common, 2d6)  Healing has lessened effects, some healing does not work at all. Works as a 2d6 KA, only up to the amount healed this segment.
15 Modification - Social Complication: Full body ritual scarification (VeryFreq, Minor) 
15 Enraged: Teased or mocked about condition (Uncommon, 11- Enraged, 11- Recover)
20 Hunted: Group who believes you are cursed and need to die (MorePow, Public, Infreq, Kill)
10 Rivalry: Best looking or Most talented similar skilled PC (Professional OR Romantic, PC) to compensate for affliction.