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Human Packages
Most Fantasy settings have one or more "races" of humans. In settings that also have other forms of sentient races Humans are usually depicted as all around generalist creatures, providing a baseline against which other races are compared, though this is not always the case.
In many settings humans are also apparently able (and often willing) to interbreed with most other humanoid races and as a staple of the genre this unlikely interbreeding often produces offspring containing elements of both humanity and the other race.
Humans usually live in social groups ranging from tribal upwards to Empires and in most settings humans are still very keen on the idea of strong central governments compared to other races, and often imperialistic human nations control most of a Fantasy setting's civilized areas.
Human (Trained) Human (Physical) Elven-Blooded Half-Elf
Human (3e) Firbolg Half-Ogre Half-Gith
Human (Aranashi) Human (Wulfwaren) Hurgur