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Elf Packages
A staple of many Fantasy settings, elves are  typically willowy, magically gifted folk with an affinity for nature and magic.
In most settings compared to humans elves are impressively dexterous, graceful, and refined on average.
In many settings most Elves live either in woodland tree-cities, or ornate structures integrated with their environment but some elves mingle among humankind and live in human cities for reasons of their own. However, authors and game designers alike often have widely different ideas of what elves should be like and there is a good deal of variety to be found in source material and literary works.
High Elf Wood Elf Half Elf Elven-blooded Human
Snow Elf Verbityk Elf Grey Elf Drow Elf
FRPG 2e Wood Elf
Haelfinan Cenhedlu Hannerau Rhanau