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NCM Filemaker Directions
This is intended to work with Hero Designer Version 3 (HDv3).
Killer Shrike
This tool allows the creation of partial Templates usable with Hero Designer v3 (HDv3)that override Normal Characteristic Maxima.
Detailed directions follow later in this document on what the various fields and functions do. Generally, once you have created a Template via this tool, you will open HDv3 and then click File->New Character->New Character (Custom/Nonstandard Rules) as shown in this screenshot.
You can also apply an altered NCM Template to an existing Character by selecting Current Character->Change Current Template->Custom/Nonstandard Rules from the command Menu as shown in this screenshot, though you shouldn't do this with a Character that already has a Custom Template as you will replace it with the newly selected one.
Either way an Open File dialogue will pop up in HDv3.  Find and select the Template you made with this tool and HDv3 will load and apply your custom Template as shown in this screenshot.
Finally, on the Characteristics tab make sure the Characteristic Maxima checkbox is checked as shown in this screenshot.
Generally you will also want to add any other relevant "Race Package Deal" abilities to this new character built on your Altered NCM Template, and then save the fully modified version as a a complete Template. HDv3 will aggregate the altered NCM and any Skills, Powers, etc that you have added into a single Template. To do this select Current Character->Save->Save As Template from the command Menu, as shown in this screenshot.
Just name the Template file whatever you want, and later on you can create a Character of this type at will using the same process described previously for creating a Character from a Template.
You must give a name to your NCM. This Name will be used as part of the resulting file name, and will also appear in HERO Designer 2 in places of "Normal" for Normal Characteristic Maxima so chose something appropriate.
Normal Characteristic Maxima Block
No Points
If the No Points Checkbox is checked (Default), then NCM will be worth 0 Points for Characters built on the resulting file (Characters with Age variations will be worth 5, 10, or 15 points depending on what Age category they fall into as normal).
If the No Points Checkbox is unchecked, then NCM will be worth 20 Points for Character built on the resulting file.
Age Thresholds
The numbers placed in these boxes determine the display values corresponding to Under, Middle, and Old Age. Defaulted to 10, 40, 60 as per the HERO System Rulebook. This allows you to set the labels for Races with longer or shorter lifespans than humans.
EXAMPLE: The Whosewhatsits live for 1000 years and have LS: Longevity. A Whosewhatsit is Under Aged at 100, Middle Aged at 400 and Old Aged at 600. Setting each Age Threshold to the appropriate number in this tool will cause Hero Designer v3 to display that age in the NCM Drop Down and Disadvantages Tab.
Characteristics Box
NCM and Starting Modifiers
NCM Modifier
This field accepts a positive or negative number for each Primary and Secondary Characteristic. This amount will modify the Characteristic Maxima for that Characteristic by that amount, which is the level beyond which additional raises to that Characteristic cost twice as much.
EXAMPLE: The Whosewhatsits have a maximum DEX of 25 before they encounter point doubling. To allow this simply put "5" in the NCM Modifier field.
Starting Modifier
This field accepts a positive or negative number for each Primary and Secondary Characteristic. This amount will modify the starting value of the Characteristic in Hero Designer v3. Usually you will want to put the same bonus or penalty that you entered in the NCM Modifier field in this field also, but this field is provided in case you do not.
EXAMPLE: Though the Whosewhatsits have a maximum DEX of 25 before they encounter point doubling they only start out at a 13 DEX.  To allow this simply put "3" in the Starting Modifier field.
Age Modifiers
Each Characteristic allows you to enter a specific adjustment to the Maxima by Age group. Note that Age Groups are already penalized as indicated in the HERO System Rulebook; these fields are for additional modifications.
Generally speaking, you want to put the same bonus or penalty that was placed in the NCM Modifier field here but might prefer a different offset for Age categories and these fields are provided for that.
EXAMPLE: The Whosewhatsits have normal strength of 10, max of 20. If the Age Modifier fields are left blank, the Whosewhatsit will suffer a - 5 penalty to STR at Middle Age, -10 at Old Age and -15 at Young Age.
If the GM decides that Whosewhatsits are stronger at Young Age than a comparable Human would be, they could decide to offset the -15 normally assigned to a Young Age character for STR in the HERO System; to do this they would simply put a bonus of any amount into the Underage NCM Modifier field. If they put +15 in the field it would offset the -15 they take normally in the schema, making for a total modifier of +/-0.
Returns you to the High Fantasy HERO Main Page
Steps your browser back in its history to the previous page. After you've submitted a NCM Template, the previous page will be this same page as you have really visited the page twice at that point. This is not a bug, that's how internet browsers work (but thanks to the people that took the time to report it all the same).
Clears the current field values, allowing you to start fresh. Do not click accidentally, as there is no way to recover lost data once it's cleared.
This should start a filestream via your browser and cause a pop up Open or Save dialogue. Generally you want to "Save" to your hard drive somewhere, typically in a special folder of custom templates you have created in the Hero Designer v3 directory, or where ever is convenient for you. You should note that when you create a Character from a Template, HDv3 includes the actual file path of the Template in the Character's file, so you should put the Template file where you want it to permanently reside before making Characters with it.
The file name will default to the Race Name you gave the Template plus YYYY MM DD and the ".hdt" extention standing for Hero Designer Template. You can of course change this to whatever you like.
Remember where you saved the template so you can find it later via Hero Designer.
Reporting Bugs
To report a bug just send an email to Killer Shrike with the details. Screen shots and relevant information are appreciated.