Stone Troll
Stone Trolls are large, rocky skinned humanoids with dispraportionately large noggins, big teeth and and legendary noses. Some Stone Troll grow thatches of thick fur in various places about their person, but many are as bald as a baby's behind their whole bodies over. Their  skin tone usually ranges in greyish colors, from a stereotypical bluish grey to a more elephantine grey. Their skin also often has a knobby, pebble like texture, particularly among older specimens. The females look much as the males save that they have ponderous dugs, which some bother to cover and others do not.
Stone Trolls in many cultures suffer discrimination, but are somewhat accepted in other cultures. They are not necessarily violent by default; but they are very dim and become upset if confused. In many ways they have the personality and motivation of a mule, and are often used for similar tasks; heavy lifting and grunt work. However, their brute strength makes them dangerous combatants, and war trained Stone Trolls, though rare due to the difficulty of training such idiotic creatures, are very lethal.
GM Permission required.
Cost Ability
15 Unresistable Might: +15 STR
20 Durable: +10 CON
20 Tough: +10 BODY
10 Intimidating: +10 PRE
5 Infravision: Infrared Perception
4 Resistant: Damage Resistance 4 PD/4 ED
15 Rugged: Armor 5PD/5ED
10 Heavy: Knockback Resistance -5
5 Long Arms: Stretching 1"
25 Trollish Blood: Regenerate 3 BODY/TURN, May Heal Limbs
2 Longevity: 300 years
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-20 Distinctive Feature: Stone Troll (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Often Extreme Reaction)
-5 Physical Limitation: 800-1000 lbs, 7 to 9ft tall, but hunches over
-3 Dense: -3" Leap
-2 Heavy As A Stone: -2" Swimming
-8 Dumb As A Post: -8 INT
-3 Ugly: -6 COM


Total Cost of Package