Small reptilian creatures possibly related to Dragonkind in their distant past, or perhaps created by Dragonkind as servitors in days of yore, these diminutive humanoids are often perceived to be little more than pests and vermin by adventurers.
Kobolds have scaly reptilian skin typically some shade of rusty black or reddish brown with some individuals ranging into orange or vermillion. They have a snouted triangular head, small horns, crouched knees with elevated heels and ankles, a short non-prehensile tail, and red faintly glowing eyes.
Their limbs are spindly, and Kobolds lack physical strength, but they are graceful and quick. They wear clothing but are not terribly particular about style or composition often wearing patchwork outfits cobbled together from clothes taken off ambush victims. Due to their low strength Kobold rarely wear medium or heavy armors, but some exceptions exist.
Kobolds are extremely territorial and seem to specialize in ambushing and bedeviling those who would venture into or near their lairs or occasionally at the command of a powerful patron, such as an elder Dragon of some type. However some colonies of more civilized Kobolds have been discovered in remote areas, and some Kobolds posses more individualism than their fellows and strike out on their own.
Kobolds prefer dark places and most often live underground in small mines, or in forests with very heavy canopy. Kobolds are agile and adaptable and well versed in using their environment to assist them in their ambushes.
Many Kobold seem to have an innate talent for magic, and many an adventurer has been taken off guard by a Kobold hurling a Magic Missile or 3 in their direction. In many D&D settings some Kobolds are Clerics of Kurtulmak (Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery). The remainder of Kobolds are typically trained as woodsmen warriors of some sort.
GM permission required
Cost Ability
9 Deft: +3 DEX
10 Quick: +1 SPD
5 Reptilian: Power Defense: 5
10 Small & Dodgy: +2 DCV
5 Sneaky: Stealth +1
9 Hidey: Concealment +3
1 Trap Making: FAM: Disable Device
6 Alert: +2 PER All Senses
5 Reptilian Heat Senses: Infravision
5 Reptilian Senses: Nightvision
3 Reptilian Scales: Damage Resistance 1 PD, 2 ED
5 Sharp Teeth: 1 pip Hand Killing Attack
5 Reptilian Healing: Healing (Regeneration) 1 BODY, Persistent (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (20 Active Points); Extra Time (Regeneration-Only) 1 Day (-2 3/4), Self Only (-1/2)
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-10 Distinctive Feature: Kobold (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Reaction, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-10 Physical Limitation: Light Sensitive (-2 to all rolls in Intense Light)
-5 Physical Limitation: Small  (3 ft - 5 ft; 70 to 145 lbs)
-4 Weedy: -4 STR
-10 Weedy: -5 BODY
-4 Unimpressive: -4 PRE


Total Cost of Package