Once of one race with the githyanki under the enslavement of the mindflayers, the githzerai broke away from their illithid masters and then their gith brethren, sparking a racial war that has continued into the present. The two gith peoples separated and found new homes: the githyanki in the silver void of the Astral Plane, and the githzerai in the Outer Plane of Limbo, a plane of swirling chaos, where stability can only be achieved by shaping the chaotic matter of the plane with the mind; focus and discipline are necessary for this to occur.Githzerai are quiet and reserved, burning with a passion that drives them far beyond what most mortals are capable of.
Severe and serious, the githzerai tend toward sombreness in their clothing and personalities. They’re usually close-mouthed, keeping their own counsel and trusting few outside their own kind. The githzerai are sworn to protect their adopted home of Limbo, since that refuge was only won after millennia of hardship and war. Any threat against their haven is met with whatever force is necessary to eliminate the threat.
Githzerai are humanoids, thinner and taller than humans with sharp features, long faces, and eyes of grey, black, or yellow. They have a thin, angular frame, and limbs that look like they are made of nothing but strings of muscle knotted around bone.
Gith are generally born with innate Psionic gifts. Many hone these natural abilities actively, but others seek other pursuits, particularly those with a monastic orientation.
GM Permission is typically required to play a Githzerai.
Cost Ability
6 Dexterous: +2 DEX
2 Quick-witted: +2 INT
2 Strong Personality: +2 PRE
15 Psionic Resistance: Damage Reduction 50% Resistant vs. Psionics; Activation 11- (-1)
5 Nightvision
10 Unassailable Mind: +10 Mental Defense
1 Verbal: Conversation 8-
41 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-10 Distinctive Feature: Githzerai (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Reaction, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-2 Stringy: -2 STR
-4 Introspective: -2 EGO


Total Cost of Package
Value Options
12 Extremely Dexterous: +4 DEX
2 Extremely Strong Personality: +2 PRE
5 Stamina: +10 END
15 **Wild Talent Psychic Powers Elemental Control (30 point Powers)
(see Psionic System guidelines)
10 Ego Whip: EGO Attack 3d6 (30 Active Points); Activation 14- (-1/2)
7 Mental Barrier: +30 Mental Defense (30 Active Points), Activation 14 (-1/2), Costs END (-1/2)
8 Combat Precog: +4 All Combat (32 Active Points); Activation 14 (-1/2), Costs END (-1/2)
14 Far Punch: Energy Blast 10d6, vs. Physical (50 Active Points), Activation 11- (-1) , x2 END (-1/2)
var With GM Permission, any Psionic Power as a Wild Talent
** NOTE: Githzerai Psions should take a Multipower and appropriate Psionic Discipline Skills as descibed in the Psionic System guidelines instead of a Wild Talent Elemental Control.