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Warrior Package Deals
A staple of many Fantasy settings, Warriors are skilled armsmen and fighters adept at the use of martial force.
Compared to other professions they emphasize personal skill and learned techniques backed up by physical conditioning. Warriors often rely on equipment, such as armor and well crafted swords and can be significantly disadvantaged if deprived of such. Many also often call upon special skills and honed talent to pull off impressive physical feats.
Presented below are an assortment of Basic Packages, Extension Packages, and Composite Packages for your use.
Heavy Foot Medium Foot Light Foot Savage Brawler
Mounted Fighting Winter Fighting Forest Fighting Mountain Fighting Well Connected
Command Verbal Sparring Urban Survival Self Defense Guildmember
Deck Skills High Seas Skills      
Fighter (3e) Paladin (3e) Ranger (3e) Barbarian (3e)
Fighter (Armiger) Paladin (War Deity) Ranger (Animi) Barbarian (Warrior)
Fighter (Bladesman) Paladin (Spellcaster) Scout Barbarian (Sea Reaver)
Fighter (Swashbuckler) Paladin (Cavalier) Archer Barbarian (Brute)
Light Cavalry Cavalier Scrapper Barbarian (Berserker)
Medium Cavalry     Barbarian (Destroyer)
Heavy Cavalry