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Rogue Package Deals
A staple of many Fantasy settings, Rogues are skilled complements to any group of player characters. Perhaps the most versatile of all professions, no two Rogues need be the same, as there is a tremendous amount of room for customization. Each Rogue's personal ability set is a story just waiting to be told; the best Rogue characters have abilities backed up by a detailed background establishing of how they have acquired such experience.
Compared to other Professions they emphasize personal talent and learned techniques backed up by quick wits and quicker feet. Rogues often rely on equipment, such as lock picks, house breaker harnesses, Thief's Tools, and most also know their way around a dagger or other sharp implement, but a Rogue's most powerful asset is their own self.
Presented below are an assortment of Basic Packages, Extension Packages, and Composite Packages for your use.
Rapscallion Larcenist Savant Traptinker Backbiter
Acrobatics Begging House Breaking Gambling High Sea Survival
Blather Street Finances Urban Survival Self Defense Guildmember
Balatro Swindler Well Connected    
Thief (2e) Rogue (3e) Bard (2e) Thief Acrobat Skalding
Tumbler Roof Runner Entrapper Gambler Bandit
Pirate Merchant Adventurer Swashbuckler Bon Vivant Agent Provocateur Con Artist