Piedragemasi Novice
Piedragemasi use the Piedragemas Magic System detailed here.
Piedragemasi believe that natural gemstones have inherent powers that may be channeled by the properly attuned. Each of many different gemstones or precious materials are associated with a particular application of Magic which can be channeled by a Piedragemasi for potent effects..
A Novice has the talent for Piedragemasi, but has only learned a few of the secrets of how to tap the power of the stones. With time, dedication, luck, and some hard won experience they might grow into their potential.
Cost Ability
20 20 points worth of Peidragemas Gemstone Familiarities
3 Gemstone Lore: Power (EGO-based)
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
var Additional Gemstone Familiarities