Half-Gith Guttersnipe
Cost Ability
70 Half-Gith
13 Urban Survival Skills (exclude Concealment, Survival)
10 Begging Skills
24 Acrobatics Skills
6 Deft: +2 DEX
2 Quick: Round Speed off


Total Cost of Template

Race Package Deal
Very rare, these crossbreeds of Human and one of the offshoots of the planar-traveling Gith race have strange abilities that often mark them for difficult lives. They are usually thinner and taller than average humans, with a definite tint of yellowish tone in their skin, small, sometimes almost nonexistent noses, high cheekbones, wide thin lips with very little rouging, and occasionally with spotted or mottled skin around the joints and the edges of the face. Their hair is stiff and brushy compared to a full blooded human, and generally only grows on their head.
Lucky Half-Gith that favor their human parentage lack the skin spotting, or else its so minor that it is covered over with a little makeup or concealed by a suntan, have hair that is simply very straight rather than brushy, and have fully formed human features including a normal nose, though still chiseled and lean.
Gith are generally born with innate Psionic gifts. Many hone these natural abilities actively, but others seek other pursuits, particularly those with a monastic orientation.
In human societies, Half-Gith often try to disguise or downplay their Gith features, accentuating their humanity. Some others develop their Psionic gifts sufficiently to leave the Prime Material Plane behind and go off to seek their fates elsewhere.
GM Permission is typically required to play a Half-Gith.
Cost Ability
6 Dexterous: +2 DEX
2 Quick-witted: +2 INT
2 Strong Personality: +2 PRE
15 Psionic Resistance: Damage Reduction 50% Resistant vs. Psionics; Activation 11- (-1)
25 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Half-Gith (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
+0 Total Cost of Package
Value Options
12 Extremely Dexterous: +4 DEX
2 Extremely Strong Personality: +2 PRE
4 Strong Willed: +2 EGO
5 Stamina: +10 END
10 Unassailable Mind: +10 Mental Defense
5 Nightvision
15 **Wild Talent Psychic Powers Elemental Control (30 point Powers)
(see Psionic System guidelines)
10 Ego Whip: EGO Attack 3d6 (30 Active Points); Activation 14- (-1/2)
7 Mental Barrier: +30 Mental Defense (30 Active Points), Activation 14 (-1/2), Costs END (-1/2)
8 Combat Precog: +4 All Combat (32 Active Points); Activation 14 (-1/2), Costs END (-1/2)
14 Far Punch: Energy Blast 10d6, vs. Physical (50 Active Points), Activation 11- (-1) , x2 END (-1/2)
var With GM Permission, any Psionic Power as a Wild Talent
** NOTE: Half-Gith Psions should take a Multipower and appropriate Psionic Discipline Skills as descibed in the Psionic System guidelines instead of a Wild Talent Elemental Control.
-2 Stringy: -2 STR
-4 Introspective: -2 EGO

Package Deals
Urban Survival Skills
Many characters receive training to improve their ability to fight in urban regions during their careers, while others originate from the mean streets of some cruel city.
Cost Ability
5 CK: Any 1 City (INT) +1
2 Survival (Urban)
2 Environmental Movement: Rubbish & Refuse
1 Climbing; Only up Buildings (-2)
1 Concealment; Only in Urban Regions  (-2)
1 Stealth; Only in Urban Regions (-2)
1 Tracking; Only in Urban Regions (-2)
3 Urban Fighting: +1 All Combat; Only in Urban Regions (-2)
Value Disadvantages


Total Cost of Package

Package Deals
Begging Skills
Some character learn to "earn" their living begging on the streets, and can be quite adept at making themselves look ill or in need of a kind alm.
Cost Ability
1 Concealment; Only in Urban Areas (-2)
3 Disguise +4, Only to Make Self Look Deformed/Sick/Handicapped (-2)
3 Persuasion +2, Only to Beg (-1/2)
4 Survival (Urban) +1
Value Disadvantages


Total Cost of Package

Package Deals
Acrobatics Skills
Many characters receive training or possess natual talents enabling them to perform stunning feats of physical dexterity, gymnastics, and/or tumbling.
Cost Ability
6 Ledge Walker: Environmental Movement (+2 to Offset Penalty For Being On A Narrow Surface)
5 Acrobatics  +1
5 Breakfall  +1
2 PS: Acrobat/Tumbler
5 Acrobatic Fighting: +1 All Combat; RSR: Acrobatics or Breakfall (-1/2)
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package