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"The difference between a Runner that's got a future and all the other wannabes who are going to end up dead or worse? I don't know, but some Runners just got something extra...something the future flatliners don't. Those are the ones you wanna hire on. You been in the business as long as I have, you learn how to spot it." - Unger

Stunts come in two basic varieties, open Stunts that anyone can take, and restricted Stunts that require a justification to take.

Open Stunts

Open Stunts can be taken by any character, as long as they meet any requirements an individual Stunt might have.

Gear Stunts allow a character to have one or more advanced items of Gear. The Gear Stunt can be taken by any character, and can be taken multiple times to gain an increasingly larger pool of total advances available to be allocated towards Gear. It is perhaps the most common Stunt in MetaCyber setting.

Proficiency Stunts represent unusual proficiency with a Skill or ability, and allow a character to be extra specialized or "awesome" in a particular area.

Physical Stunts represent a characters impressive strength, durability, and athleticism.

Social Stunts represent social acumen or the interesting way a character handles themselves in social siutations.

Mental Stunts represent a character's extra developed intelligences, wisdom, or cognitive skills.

BodyTech Stunts represent specific concrete advantages a character gains from BodyTech augmentations. BodyTech Stunts are technically Open, but do require a character to have a BodyTech Stress track as a prerequisite.