Tubers are the best Origin to play because they get strong natural advantages with no downside, can be just as skilled as an Adept, and if they want can get just as boosted up as an Amper. Its all about options baby.

Tubers, short for "Tube Baby", are genetically modified human beings. Their parents went to a fertility clinic where sperm and ovum were collected, genetically modified, and inserted into the mother's womb invitro.

However, this is still more of an art than an absolute science and there are no guarantees. While the geneticists can "predispose" a person to certain traits, they don't have total control over who gets what.

The focus of Tubers is on being innately advantaged via manipulated genetics. Raw physicality and natural talents, plus the occasional semi-superhuman ability, are their bread and butter.

Some "distilled" Tubers are extremely advantaged in narrow areas while others are more broadly capable, while some aren't really all that much better at most things than normals are...or aren't they? Lucky Tubers are among the most exceptional specimens of humanity on the planet and they can be a glorious site to behold in action.

Starting Bonus

To play a Tuber, a player must commit to the origin and then roll 4dF on the Phenotype Chart to randomly determine what Phenotypes are Unlocked for their character.

During character creation, and later during character advancement, the character can purchase any of the stunts included in the Phenotypes that are Unlocked for them. Many of these stunts are extra powerful and restricted.

Extra Refresh

As an added bonus, Tubers also get +3 Refresh during character creation.


Tubers have access to restricted Stunts based upon their Phenotypes.


Tubers can start with BodyTech. However, common sense applies as some abilities a Tuber gains from their genetic advantages may preclude certain types of BodyTech. For instance, a Tuber with extremely sensitive hearing would lose such an ability if they took CyberEars, since that entail replacing their natural sense of hearing with a technological one, which would nullify their genetic advantage.

A key consideration is that BodyTech makes normal humans better, but Tubers are already better in many ways; sometimes substantially so. It is also entirely possible that an individual Tuber has one or more ability that exceeds what is possible with BodyTech.

GM's and players should use their best judgement as to what does and does not make sense for an individual Tuber.