Ampers are the best Origin to play because they just kick ass. Who doesn't want to be all tricked out with wired reflexes, knuckle spikes, dermal armor, and other cool stuff? Stupid question man; everyone does.

Ampers are humans that are technologically enhanced via either Cybernetics, BioWare, PharmiTech, or something more unusual

Ampers are all about using science and technology to exceed the boundaries of mere biology...though this sometimes raises ethical questions about what it means exactly to be "human".

Regardless...via invasive cybernetic surgery, designer drugs, pervasive biological manipulation, and even neurological reconfiguration, those brave enough to challenge the limits imposed by nature can become a more advanced augmented lifeform.

Starting Bonus

The starting bonus for a Amper is that they start play with a BodyTech Stress track with 1 box, and 1 BodyTech Aspects.

Further, they are granted 5 BodyTech Advances at character creation, which an Amper may use to gain either more BodyTech Aspects, BodyTech Stress track boxes, an extra Mild Physical Consequence, or Stunts that have a prerequisite requiring 1 or more BodyTech Stress boxes.

BodyTech Advances Cost


+1 BodyTech Stress track box

1 each

2 BodyTech Aspects


1 Mild BodyTech Consequence

2 each

A Stunt with a BodyTech Stress box prerequisite.


Ampers have no special allowances or restrictions regarding Stunts. Ampers can take any normal Open Stunts they meet the requirements for. However, as a side effect of starting with a BodyTech Stress track Ampers meet the requirements of a number of Stunts that require BodyTech Stress boxes.


Ampers by their nature start with at least 1 BodyTech Aspect and a BodyTech Stress track.

It is not unusual for an Amper to start off with as much BodyTech as they can afford. What kind of BodyTech (Cybernetics, BioWare, PharmiTech, Biofeedback Training) a character opts for is largely a matter of narrative choice.