Adepts are the best Origin to play because with all of their points spent on intrinsic skills and abilities they have the potential to be the most purely capable of all characters. Its all about the skillz, bro.

Adepts are essentially normal human beings who survive as Runners by being extremely competant in whatever it is that they do.

Adepts are all about having the right tools for the right job, whether those tools be Skills or Gear or some combination of both.

Starting Bonus

The starting bonus for a Adept is that their Skill Pyramid is one level higher than the campaign's starting level for everyone else. If the default Starting Skill assumptions are used, this means Adepts start play with a Skill Pyramid cap of Superb (+5).


Adepts have no special allowances or restrictions regarding Stunts. An Adept can take any normal Open Stunts they meet the requirements for.


While the focus of Adepts is on Skills and to a lesser extent Gear, Adepts can take BodyTech abilities if they like, at normal cost.